The Basics of Fence Care

The Basics of Fence Care

The Basics of Fence Care: Give Your Fence Some TLC

A fence is a perfect way to give you privacy in your backyard. If it is maintained, a fence can give you years of lasting protection and beauty. Here are the Basics of Fence Care and how to give your fence some TLC.


The Basics of Fence Care: Give Yours Some TLC

A fence is a great way to ensure you have privacy in your backyard. If taken care of properly, they can last for years and continue to be aesthetically pleasing.  Wood is common material fences are made of.  Let’s start off with some tips on caring for your wooden fence.


The Basics of Fence Care for Wooden Fences

If you keep up with the maintenance your fence needs, it will remain sturdy with no cracks, warping, or flaking paint.  Your curb appeal will be enhanced and your yard protected from intruders.

With proper care, most wood fences will last for at least 20 years. However, a few factors can impact its lifespan.  These include the type of wood it is made from, the weather in your area, and how much exposure it has to the elements.


Protecting Wood Fences

Wood naturally degrades over time,  but there are steps you can take to keep it looking like new.  Regular maintenance and timely repairs are key.

Termites are a common concern with wooden fences.  Make sure you have your fence and property inspected regularly to catch problems before they become severe.  Sealing your wooden fence can also help ward off termite infestations.


Fence Upkeep Tips

To keep your fence looking fresh, it’s important to stay-on-top with maintenance. Depending on what type of wood your fence is made of, you will have to do upkeep at least once a year.

Here are some key tips to remember for a wooden fence.  Seal a new fence soon after it’s built.  Wait 4-6 weeks for pressure treated wood to dry before sealing.  Repaint the fence every 2-3 years, or re-stain every 5-6 years.  Wash it with soapy water to get rid of stains.  Inspect your fence about once a month for damaged pickets, loose nails, leaning posts, or other damage.


Preventing Wood Rot

In order to protect your wooden fence from moisture, apply a weatherproof stain when you first install it.  Then, re-stain the fence at least once a year.  A newly-stained fence not only looks nice, but will keep it safe and extend its life.  Keep plants away as they can create damp spots.  If you notice any wood rot, quickly replace any sections of the fence that have been affected.


The Basics of Fence Care… Types of Fences

Cedar is naturally resistant to insects and is slow to rot.   Cedar fences that are properly treated can last up to 40 years.  Cedar is often used in areas where wind, rain and snow are common. Western red cedar and redwood also resist decay and rot and are a popular material used for fences.

If you prefer a more ‘no fuss’ fence, consider vinyl fencing.  It can last more than 30 years with just minimal maintenance.


Maintaining a Vinyl Fence

The upkeep of a vinyl fence is easy.  Just wash it with a garden hose to remove surface dirt. Use a sponge and soapy water to remove stains.  Living stains are harder to remove. These are usually black, yellow or green algae that must be killed. A diluted solution of chlorine bleach and water, or white vinegar and water, should do the trick.


Caring for a Metal Fence

Most of the fences found on residential properties that mimic a wrought iron fence, are made of steel or aluminum.  If properly cared for, steel fences can last for at least 20 years, while aluminum can stick around for 50.  A metal fence can be washed and then waxed monthly to extend the life of the sealant.


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