Popular Fence Trends in 2023

Popular Fence Trends in 2023

Popular Fence Trends in 2023

Are you in the market for a new fence? The latest Popular Fence trends in 2023 include an increased focus on privacy, sustainable materials, and improved security.  Here’s how to find the right fit for you.


Popular Fence Trends in 2023: Privacy

An increased number of homeowners are making privacy a priority.  Demand is expected to go up this year for board-on-board fences.  This is a type of vertical wood fencing in which boards overlap. This eliminates the gaps typically seen between pickets and keeps your home completely out of view.

Dog panel fencing is also attracting more customers. This fence made of boards has been reinforced with wire panels to keep pets and farm animals in their yard.  It’s effective, cost-friendly, and better-looking than a typical agricultural fence.

Another new trend this year is black woven wire fences.  This is a new product, and it goes well with either black-painted wooden or fiberglass fence posts.  The look is modern, clean, and edgy but easy on the eyes.

Wood fences, which require a lot of care, are being set aside in favor of lower maintenance materials.  Homeowners want fences that are inexpensive and easy to maintain. Options include vinyl and chain link fences.


Types of Privacy Fencing

There are many privacy fences on the market to choose from. Below are the most popular types.

The wooden picket fence features pickets placed close together to provide privacy.  It’s inexpensive, but requires regular maintenance.  Vinyl fences are made of tall vinyl panels that completely block the line of sight and will easily last for more than 50 years.  Luxury wooden fences include special features, like a curving top rail or a lattice pattern.  A decorative vinyl fence not only protects your yard, but comes in many styles and color combinations.  An aluminum-vinyl hybrid fence has an attractive two-tone look and offers ultimate privacy.


Popular Fence Trends in 2023: Trends in the Industry

There is currently a major focus in the construction industry to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible.  Large contractors need to use products that are recyclable, reusable, and carbon neutral.

Due to the higher cost of living, changes may also be made in commercial perimeter security.  During hard times, many businesses choose to increase their border security to ward off an expected increase in crime.  Choosing the strongest twin-wire systems available may soon be preferred over a cheaper single-wire system.


Popular Fence Trends in 2023: Eco-Friendly Fencing Options

If you want a more natural look, there are eco-friendly options on the market.  Bamboo looks like wood

but is a member of the grass family and regenerates quickly.  Bamboo can grow up to three feet per day!

Bio composite materials are wholly or partially made up of organic materials.  Natures Composites fencing looks like wood but is made up of recycled plastic and natural wheat straw.  It resists moisture and splitting, and no painting or sealing is required.

Trees and shrubs can make a good living fence.  A privacy tree line will blend in with the rest of your yard, and there are many options to choose from.

Trex composite fences are made out of a blend of recycled wood and plastic. The company has not let one tree fall to make its products. In fact, the average 100-linear foot Trex composite fence contains 140,000 recycled plastic bags.


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