How to Build a Backyard Shed

How to Build a Backyard Shed

How to Build a Backyard Shed

An outdoor shed is a great backyard addition. It’s a place to store lawn furniture, garden tools, and even games.  It can also be made into a space just for you. Here are some tips to help you get started on your backyard shed project.


Do Your Research

Before you build a backyard shed, ask yourself exactly what you want to use it for.  Consider what design will work and set your budget.  Decide what size is best to suit your needs.  Don’t build a shed that is too small to hold your stuff or so big it looks out of place. Check if you need a permit before you build a structure on your property.  Contact your local zoning authority and/or homeowner’s association for information.


Buy Quality Materials

It may cost more upfront, but in the end high-quality backyard shed materials will save you money. The siding is your shed’s main protection against the elements. It should be water-resistant, durable and low maintenance. If you are building a wood shed choose cedar, redwood, douglas fir, or old cypress. These woods are durable and weather-resistant. Make sure they are pressure-treated as well so they last.


Pick a Suitable Spot

Build your backyard shed on a stable, level location, and never in a wet, low-lying area or on a downward slope. A proper foundation is crucial. Set the shed slightly off the ground to help drain water and reduce moisture transfer. Make sure your shed has good airflow on all sides. This will help remove moisture and mildew. Put vents on your shed to let fresh air in and move stale air out.


Build a Sturdy Floor Frame

Make sure the floor frame is sturdy and weather-resistant. Use pressure-treated lumber at least two inches thick for your floor frame. Anything else will eventually fall apart from exposure. Take note of what the exterior of your backyard shed is made of.  If you live in an area with harsh weather, make sure you choose a material that will endure the elements.


Backyard Shed Roof Protection

The roof is your backyard shed’s primary protection against bad weather. Roofing options include three-tab shingles, architectural shingles, cedar cuts, shakes and metal.  The roof material should be waterproof or highly water-resistant.  Building a roof with trusses is preferred. It is much easier than framing a roof one rafter at a time. You can build your own trusses or order them from the lumberyard.


Backyard Shed Design

Dress up your backyard shed with a design that fits with the architecture of your home. Ideas include a front porch, dormer, barn-style doors, shuttered windows, and decorative trim. Color can also go a long way in adding some pop to your structure. Brackets are a nice addition as well. Use your shed for storage, or make it into a getaway space to relax.


Backyard Shed Organization

A shed is a great place to store all kinds of stuff, but make sure you keep your backyard shed organized.  Consider investing in shelving, hooks, bins, and storage boxes to help keep it tidy.  The last thing you want is your stuff all over the floor.  Clean out the clutter regularly so it doesn’t pile up.  Group similar belongings together so you can easily find what you are looking for.


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