How to Protect a Wooden Fence in Winter

How to Protect a Wooden Fence in Winter

How to Protect a Wooden Fence in Winter


Wooden fences are no doubt naturally beautiful. However,  special care must be taken to protect them in winter.  Snow and ice can wreak havoc on your wooden prize. Here are some tips to ensure your wood fence is protected.


Prepare for Winter

Cedar and redwood fences are more resistant to rot and decay than other types of wood.  Make sure you buy pressure-treated lumber for fence posts that go in the dirt.  Apply a wood preservative to seal the wood above the ground to help protect it from Mother Nature.


Inspect the Fence

As fall wraps up, inspect your fence and repair cracks and holes with wood filler.  If a board has rotted or suffered major insect damage, replace it right away.  Trim bushes and trees near the fence.  Moisture from wet leaves can cause wood to rot.   Do a waterproofing test. Put a few drops of water on the fence. If it says on the surface, the protective stain or paint is still working. If the wood absorbs the water, it’s time for a new coat.


Clean the Fence

Clean the dirt, grime, and green algae off your fence with a good power washing before winter arrives. You can also scrub affected areas by hand with warm water and bleach solution.  If it’s not removed, algae can quickly spread to your yard and walkway.  Take care of it as soon as possible.


Winter Snow and Ice

Don’t let accumulating snow pile up on your fence or near it.  Wooden fences can be damaged by wet snow.  Never shovel snow from a walk or driveway and put it by the fence. If frozen precipitation builds up, carefully remove it with a broom.  Avoid using a shovel which can scrape the paint off your fence.


Monitor for Shifting Soil

Winter weather can cause soil to shift.  Watch for signs your fence posts have moved. Make sure they are deep enough in the ground.


Look for Winter Storm Damage

If a winter storm moves through, inspect your fence for damage after the weather clears. If a tree limb falls, look for broken pickets.  Get them repaired as soon as possible.


How to Clean a Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are much easier to take care of, but they still require some tender loving care.  Before winter strikes, look for any visible defects. Take care of them right away before the bad weather sets in.  Remove any plants tangled up in the fence.  Prune them or use a weed killer.  Use a mild soap and hot water solution to wash away scuffs and marks.  A mixture of water and vinegar will take care of mold.  A mixture of white vinegar and water will help remove water stains.


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