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  • Chain Link Fence

    Chain Link Fence When it comes to fencing, chain link can get a bad rap. Often used in movies and on T.V. to protect downtrodden factory lots and hold back snarling guard dogs, these simple metal loops are essentially the… Read More

  • Deck or Porch

    Deck or Porch ? We know, we know– decking is in the name. But our skills extend far beyond backyards– porches are another one of our favorite home improvement projects. Read on for the pros and cons of both, a… Read More

  • Walkway Ideas

    Walkway Ideas Exterior home design goes far beyond your four walls. If you’re looking to spruce up your yard space– front, back, or otherwise– we have some walkway ideas. A paved walkway is a beautiful and versatile choice. Plus, it’s… Read More

  • Screened in Porch

    Screened in Porch 5 Reasons to Install a Screened in Porch This Spring Our name may be Excel Fencing and Decking, but we’ve got a lot more in our wheelhouse besides those two options. One of our favorite home renovations… Read More

  • The Benefits of Adding a Fence

    The Benefits of Adding a Fence There are endless benefits of adding a fence. A fence provides privacy Living in a neighborhood or cul-de-sac is a great home experience but can also bring some unwanted disruptions. Sometimes living in a… Read More

  • Outside Living Area

    Outside Living Area Health Benefits An outside living area can be very beneficial to your health and that is an aspect that people tend to overlook. An outdoor living area can help increase Vitamin D levels An outdoor living area… Read More

  • Summer Party Ideas

    Summer Party Ideas 5 Tips for Hosting a Summer Party Tip 1: Gifts If you typically hand out favors as a host or hostess, consider some summer party ideas or favors that are useful and will prevent the spread of… Read More

  • Pruning Plants

    Which Plants Should You Prune in Late July? While we believe that hot summer days are best spent enjoying the outdoor living spaces you’ve worked so hard to create, a little upkeep is needed time and time again to keep… Read More

  • Preparing Outdoor Living Space

    Preparing Outdoor Living Space for Spring Spring has arrived, which means it’s time to start preparing outdoor living space for spring and de-winterize. You shouldn’t have to break the bank to revamp your outdoor space! A series of well-placed additions… Read More

  • Mistakes When Planning a New Deck

    Mistakes When Planning a New Deck   Many homeowners are starting to plan out their new deck projects with spring only a few weeks away. If you’re in that boat, be sure to check out these three common homeowner mistakes… Read More

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