Preparing Outdoor Living Space

Preparing Outdoor Living Space for Spring

Preparing Outdoor Living Space for Spring

Spring has arrived, which means it’s time to start preparing outdoor living space for spring and de-winterize. You shouldn’t have to break the bank to revamp your outdoor space! A series of well-placed additions and some simple yard maintenance tasks alone can transform the area and help you ring in this beautiful warm weather. Check out our ideas for waking your yard up from its winter hibernation.


Outdoor Furniture

It’s always great to start preparing outdoor living space for spring with an excellent foundation. If you haven’t refreshed your outdoor furniture in several years, now would be the perfect time to purchase a new set. If you are content with your current furniture setup, consider giving each piece a thorough wipe down to take care of any dirt or cobwebs from the winter. If your patio area has a roof overhead, it’s always a nice touch to add some soft throw pillows now that you’ll be spending a lot more time outdoors. For maximum coziness, you could even add a hammock to your space.


Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space Kitchen

One of our favorite parts of early spring is firing up the grill after a long winter without much use. Before you use your outdoor grill for the first time, make sure you clean it thoroughly to remove any charred areas. The food will taste a lot better, and the chances of a fire starting will be significantly reduced. After your grill is clean and your mini-fridge is restocked, you’ll be all ready to get back to hosting spirited evenings with friends and loved ones.


Don’t Forget About the Garden!

Your outdoor space will be complete once your garden is full of color and blooming flowers. We have to do a little work to get it to that point, however. We can start with the hard part, which is weeding the garden. This isn’t the most fun activity, but after you’re done, you can get to work choosing which annuals to place in your yard to supplement your perennials. From there, you can sit back and enjoy the scenery!


Create the Outdoor Living Space with Excel Fencing and Decking

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