The Advantages of Classic Wood Fencing

Is there anything more classic than a wooden picket fence?  While this traditional design has had quite a few upgrades since Tom Sawyer’s time, its advantages have remained consistent.  Today we’ll take a closer look at why wood fences are still one of the most popular options for homeowners looking to add protection and property value.


Not only do you have a wide variety of wood to choose from when it comes to your new fence—anything from the uniform cedar to the resilient redwood—but also you get to select the best finish to top it off.  Additionally, we offer the budget-friendly option of pressure-treated wood.  It’s usually made from an inexpensive pine or fir and then treated with chemicals to help protect the wood from common pests and rot.  Thanks to stains, this option can then mimic the look of other, more expensive, grades and/or colors.  Or, if you’re planning on just painting your new fence to match the colors of your home’s exterior, you can go with this variety and save yourself some money, since you won’t see the natural grain anyway.


While we mentioned that pressure-treated wood is the most affordable, wooden fences are all typically less expensive than many of their competitors.  Most metals are more costly to manufacture, so electing this natural material automatically gives you more room in the budget.  Additionally, installing this type of fence statistically improves your property value, making your investment that much more cost effective.  Let’s not forget that many of our fencing options come with a limited lifetime warranty, so with the right maintenance, yours can last a very long time.


Above all else, many people just prefer the look of wooden fencing!  Whether they’re a fan of the traditional outline or the way they coordinate with existing home styles, people pick this type of fence all of the time.  Not to mention, it comes in a wide array of shapes and sizes, so you can install a picketed variety or go for something a little more ornate.  Whatever you prefer, try to make sure it echoes the design elements you already have in your exterior—that way you have symmetry throughout, along with the privacy afforded by fencing.

We’ve specialized in fencing throughout Maryland for 20 years!  So, we can work with you to pick the best style and material for your place.  Whether you decide to capitalize on the many advantages of wooden fencing or you go with another option, we can walk you through every step of the installation.  To get started, give us a call for a free quote today!

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