Why Do I Even Need A Fence?

Working in the fencing industry, we hear this question a lot: “Why do I even need a fence?” And to be perfectly honest, the answer in most cases is… you don’t. Unless you have a compelling need for extra security, higher privacy, etc., chances are good that a fence is totally optional for you.

That said, the question itself is a little misleading. The real question you should be asking is, “Why would I want a fence?” And to that one, there are a multitude of good answers. Let’s take a look at some of them!

1. Containment

One of the most obvious advantages to having a completely fenced in yard – and one of the biggest reasons people decide to install a fence – is containment. Whether you’re trying to keep in small children or pets, a fence is a great option to create a boundary in your yard that can’t be easily crossed. In doing so, you can allow your pets to roam free throughout the yard and don’t have to worry about your children chasing toys out into the street.

2. Privacy

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For many people, nothing spoils a pleasant evening of cooking and eating out on the deck faster than being surrounded by prying eyes on all sides. If you prefer not to be watched by your neighbors during mealtime – or in general – then a privacy fence might be a good option for you! And on top of that, a fence can be a great way to mark the boundaries of your property to avoid intrusions (accidental or otherwise).

3. Noise Reduction

Do you live near a busy street with a constant flow of traffic? Installing a 6-8 foot fence around your yard can reduce traffic and other ambient noise significantly, turning your backyard from an acoustic black hole into a peaceful sanctuary from the outside world. If you live in a particularly noisy area (near an active rail line or highway for example), there are even specialty products designed for use in residential areas that can further reduce the impact of external noise.

4. Security

Another reason at the top of the list for installing a fence? Security. The right fence can help protect your family and possessions by acting as a barrier to anyone who would consider entering your yard with bad intent. Also, if you have playground equipment or a swimming pool, a fence can prevent a would-be trespasser from danger and save you from being held responsible for their injuries.

5. Aesthetics

Image Credit: HGTV (www.hgtv.com)

In case you needed one final example of how a fence can benefit your home, you can also look at it as a design element. A well-constructed fence can be an attractive addition to your home’s overall curb appeal. When combined with attractive landscaping, a fence can draw eyes and work wonders on an otherwise boring yard.

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