Shadowbox Fence

Shadowbox Fence

Shadowbox Fence

What’s a Shadowbox Fence?

If you want privacy with visual appeal, have you thought about installing a shadowbox fence?  This stylish boundary works well for intimate entertaining and allows your pet(s) freedom to run around safely. It has a slightly more intricate design than just plank-on-plank fencing. Shadowbox fences are built by placing fence pickets on both sides of the fence with spaces in between each picket, creating a shadowbox effect.

Shadowbox Fence Style

Also called a board-on-board fence, this style looks the same from both sides.  It is often considered the friendly neighbor option that benefits both you and the other home(s) around you!  By alternating vertical pickets on either side of the fence, you can achieve privacy, but still catch a glimpse of your neighborhood at an angle.  Plus, it allows wind to pass through, offering a nice breeze in your backyard!

Choose Your Top

To add more detail to your shadowbox fence, you can customize the top.  Rather than doing a flat, uniform finish, consider these three options:  lattice, convex, and Gothic.  With lattice work on top of your fence, you get extra height combined with a cozy English cottage feel that elevates the style of your entire property.  A convex design involves curves or waves along your fence line.  It’s typically used with shorter fences, but we can realistically incorporate this feature at any fence height.  When you think of Gothic, picture pointed pickets or more decorative tips that add a touch of elegance to this practical installation.  Honestly, any of these options is a great way to take your new fencing to the next level!

More About Materials

Most of the time, we use wood to create the shadowbox effect.  Specifically, red cedar and treated pine are our top recommendations.  With treated pine being the most cost-effective option.  But cedar offers more durability and resistance to warping.  If you’re looking for less maintenance in the long run, you should definitely take a second look at cedar.  We can stain it, seal it, and preserve its look for longer.  Just be prepared to inspect it regularly and care for it over the years in order to maintain its appearance.

If you’re looking for a way to add value, privacy, and curb appeal to your home, let us install a new shadowbox fence!  Apart from looking great, this type of privacy fencing will effectively mark the boundaries of your property without blocking off your neighbors entirely.

To learn more about installation options, pricing, or other available fence styles, contact Excel Fencing, the number one fence installers in Baltimore County!

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