What Does Your Home Say About You

What Does Your Home Say About You

What Does Your Home Say About You

What does your home design say about you? Maybe not much if you’ve just moved in…but psychology tells us that the places we live and the possessions we hold on to can speak to our psyches, whether we realize it or not. Conversely, the spaces we create can affect our mindset and mood, so it’s important to keep this in mind when redesigning or purchasing your home.


Wide Open Spaces

Peace is the word with open-air designs and studio layouts! Opening up your living space can fill your home with natural light and chase away that cramped feeling. You might be surprised at how good it feels to let go of unnecessary possessions and divisions. With more room to move and play, open-space living areas can bring peace of mind as well as freedom. Incorporate Feng Shui, clear out the clutter, and expand your horizons–  as a bonus, it’ll be a lot harder for your teenagers to hide in a corner on their phones with an open floor plan!



No one’s a big fan of change, but progress is often a good thing. With that said, sometimes it’s nice to have a solid foundation when the whole world seems to be moving right under your feet. Consistency in home design elements brings that comfort to the surface, allowing a small area of control amidst life’s wild ride. Organizing your belongings and designing your own living space can bring a sense of responsibility and accomplishment, even if it’s as simple as arranging your books in alphabetical order. Just make sure you don’t go overboard on the control idea– Friends’ Monica Geller comes to mind!


Allocating Spaces

It’s no secret that today’s society spends a little too much time on technology. Insomnia rates have increased, and experts say that blue light is one reason why. This is part of the reason why it’s so crucial to separate workplaces from relaxation and social spaces. Our bodies can have a hard time shutting down in the same chair where we just spent eight hours working on the computer. Finding a work-life balance is undeniably important, and allocating certain spaces and times to spend on different activities creates clear boundaries, working to decrease stress and improve mental health.


Where the Heart Is

If there’s any place where you should feel comfortable in your own skin, it’s your home. Fill your space with your favorite things and reminders of the places you’ve been. Don’t be afraid to make bold choices, even if they don’t adhere to standard design rules. Cover the walls with photos of your loved ones, create an entire bedroom for your cat, or buy that slightly creepy but adorable statue of a troll your toddler decided she had to have– we won’t judge! The simplest way to be happy with your living space is to fill it with whatever and whoever brings you joy.


Looking for a Change?

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