Make Your Yard Great

 Make Your Yard Great

Using What You Have

When it comes right down to it, a lot of the work that gets done around the house involves planning and budgeting, because typically we don’t keep the materials around the house to do major projects on a rainy day. But when it comes to your yard, getting summer-ready doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. It can be fun!

For today’s blog, we’ve come up with a few DIY ideas that will help you spruce up your yard with minimal effort, using primarily things you’ve already got around the house!

Take Your Green Thumb to New Heights

So you’ve already got a garden planned for your ground-level green space; or maybe you don’t have a lot of extra ground space to begin with. Well, the harvesting fun doesn’t have to fall flat in the dirt! Hang a mesh shoe organizer and fill the pockets with hearty plants like grasses, leafy greens, and herbs. This kind of do-it-yourself hanging garden can add a new visual element to your yard, while also providing a sweet harvest depending on the plants you select.

Make Your Yard Great Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space

Make Your Yard Great
Image Credit: Guide Patterns (www.guidepatterns.com)

Mason jars, wine bottles, and other clear and colored glass containers have awesome reusable potential that will keep your yard shiny and bright. You can wrap wire or fishing line around the lip of your chosen vessel (or very carefully drill holes), hang it from a shepherd’s hook on your deck or patio, and fill it with colorful stones or sand and LEDs or tea lights. It’s almost too easy NOT to do!

Forge a New Path

This idea is probably the most labor intensive, and has a slightly higher material cost, but the results can be very worthwhile. Creating a gravel path in your yard can add a whole new element to the landscape, giving your outdoor space a cozy and welcoming feel that bare grass just can’t compete with. Consider searching around for some old railroad ties or recycled barn wood to add stepping “stones” throughout your new rocky walkway.

Make Your Yard Great Give Your Garden Some Cheer

Make Your Yard Great
Image Credit: HGTV (www.hgtv.com)

Does your garden seem a little boring? If you’ve got your plants properly spaced out, it may seem like there’s a lot of surface area going to waste. Fill the void by taking smooth, flat rocks (you can find them in a nearby stream or pond, or purchase them from a craft store) and get creative with some paint, glitter, and rhinestones. These bedazzled bedrocks will create a fun new foundation that will liven up even the dullest flowerbed.

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