Types of Fence Gates

Types of Fence Gates

The Most Popular Types of Fence Gates

Choosing the right fencing material and fencing style is only part of the equation when you’re preparing to purchase a new fence for your home or business. One of the other critical considerations you must take into account are the types of fence gates! This is the missing piece that helps to keep your property secure and keep out unwanted visitors. What are the most popular types of fence gates that you can choose from?

Standard Gates

As the name suggests, this is one of the most popular and simple type of gate. They do not offer a great deal of protection and security, but, when combined with the right lock they can do the trick on a budget. Standard gates are a popular choice for families without pets and who do not have security concerns about their property. These gates are generally the same height as the fence and a single door.

Out-Only Gates

These gates are common in commercial spaces, where you want to let someone out but not let them back in through the same gate. Out-only gates can also be used on homes that want to offer an easy way out of the yard or property without giving intruders an easy “in” to the property. Typically, these gates are used on vinyl and ornamental fences that can hold up to the more complex hinge systems needed to secure the gates.

Swing Types of Fence Gates

Swing gates can swing in or out with either a single door or double door for an effect that is as simple or as dramatic as you would like it to be. Swing gates are one of the easiest types of fence gates to install, but they are not always effective at keeping people out at a lower height. A taller swing gate can help to keep both vehicles and people out of your property.

Pool Gates

A pool gate is one of the most critical gate options if you have a pool, as it keeps children and pets from accidentally entering the area. A pool gate should be self-closing and self-latching and generally attached to a fence that is at least four feet high. Check your county regulations to ensure your pool fence and gate meet the standards.

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