Two-Toned Fencing: Pros and Cons

When you can’t decide what color to paint or stain your new fence, why not narrow it down to two?  A two-toned finish can coordinate with the design of your house or add more dimension to your new outdoor feature.  Still, there are many people who think that fencing should be one uniform look.  Today, we’ll look at both sides of this argument.

The Pros

Increasingly, we’re doing more and more projects featuring two-toned fences, especially in vinyl varieties.  You can choose to offset a faux-wood finish with a white border, or vice versa.  You can also choose colors that mimic your siding and trim to create one complete look throughout the property.  Either way, it adds a little interest to a functional privacy feature.

With wooden fences, we recommend using stains as opposed to paint, which won’t create quite the same contrast, but it’ll make maintenance easier in the future.  If you choose to go with a vinyl option, though, you can choose whatever color you like!  Vinyl’s also a durable, low-maintenance option that resists many signs of wear and tear, including rust, mold, and deterioration.  So, when it comes to customizing a two-toned finish, going with this more modern material is a better option.

The Cons

There are many people who oppose the two-toned movement because they’re still thinking of traditional wooden fencing.  Once you paint wood, you’ve set up a consistent maintenance schedule for yourself that’ll last the life of your fence.  With staining, it’s a little easier (as well as more natural-looking), but it still requires periodic power washing and re-staining.  For vinyl fences, these are no longer a concern.  You just won’t be able to change out whatever colors you choose initially as you would with paint.

Additionally, some people just don’t like the look.  As with most things, it comes down to a matter of personal preference.  Many homeowners prefer a classic white-picket fence or similar finish—or perhaps the style of their home simply doesn’t coordinate with the more modern look a two-toned fence often presents.  Still, that shouldn’t influence your fencing decisions.  You’re the one who gets to see it every day, after all!

If you’re still not sure whether to try this trend for yourself, please check out our project gallery.  Here you’ll find a number of recent projects across Maryland, including many two-toned examples.  Be sure to speak to our experienced staff, too!  They can help you customize a finish that will suit your tastes and your home perfectly.

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