The Benefits of Horizontal Fencing

Move aside white picket fence—there’s a new style showing up in yards around the country!  By taking a classic design and flipping it on its side (literally), you can enjoy numerous benefits in your own backyard!  Find out why more and more homeowners are actively asking for horizontal fencing.


High on its list of appeal is the overall look!  People want something different—especially when they live in a neighborhood.  Switching from a vertical to a horizontal fence alleviates some of that “cookie cutter” look that people are increasingly moving away from.  Plus, the long lines can actually make your landscape appear larger, regardless of the size of your yard.

Renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright made horizontal design lines famous because of how naturally they tie into the surrounding nature/landscaping.  Additionally, did you know that this layout can make you feel more relaxed?  It’s true!  When you see your fencing “lying down,” you can’t help but see your outdoor space as a more restful place.  But, any time you want to break up the lines, you can always add planters, trees, shrubs, etc.


If security is your primary concern, then a horizontal fence may be the way to go.  You can choose an option with zero gaps between the planks, so no one can see inside your yard at eye level.  Or, you can opt for semi-privacy with small spaces and/or gaps.  Think of them like window blinds; the more you have them open, the easier they are to see through.  Still most horizontal options require outsiders to get pretty close to the fence before they can see anything, which alerts you to their presence.

Mixed Materials

When you want a traditional wood fence, a durably composite construction, or some combination of materials, you can still install horizontal planks.  As experienced installers, we know exactly how to support whatever weighted structure you select.  So, leave the measurements and connections to us!

For an especially sturdy option, consider poring a stone base, then layering wooden or composite boards on top.  Not sure what that’ll look like?  Just check out our galleries for examples of past projects.  We even partner with suppliers like Trex, who specialize in horizontal systems!

Together, we can choose the best style for you!  If you’ve never considered horizontal fence before, there’s no time like the present.  Who says your practical outdoor features can’t be pretty?  With this latest fencing trend, you’ll be showing off your background in a new and different way.  Call us to get your project started!

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