Summer Party Ideas

Summer Party Ideas

Summer Party Ideas

5 Tips for Hosting a Summer Party

Tip 1: Gifts
If you typically hand out favors as a host or hostess, consider some summer party ideas or favors that are useful and will prevent the spread of germs. For instance, purchase koozies that guests can customize with their names or design one yourself so everyone remembers the party. This will prevent mix ups when it comes to drink cups. It will prevent the accidental spread of germs and will also reduce waste, which is better for our environment.

Tip 2: Keep It Small
While we are all tempted to invite everyone we know over as soon as possible, it is advisable to keep your summer gatherings small. Limiting the size of your party to 6-10 people will decrease your risk of transmitting viruses to one another.

Tip 3: Individualize Food
Pre-portioned meals are a great way to prevent the spread of germs. In pre-COVID days we probably wouldn’t think twice before sticking our hands in the bag of chips after our friend has done the same. While we all have increased our hand-washing hygiene practices, it is still safer to put out individual bags of snacks instead. Taking the same precautions with pre-packaged utensils is also smart.

Tip 4: Disposable Plates
Save yourself time, money, and water by purchasing paper plates and disposable plastic cups and utensils for your next party. It is better that each person throw away their plate when they have finished eating than to clean dirty plates as a host and expose yourself to unnecessary germs.

Tip 5: Do Your Research
In the current state of the world it is perfectly acceptable to ask questions before accepting an invitation to a gathering. Important inquiries include who will be attending, what sanitation measures will be in place. Social distancing practices are also still important especially in larger gatherings. It is better to be safe by asking these questions than to risk your safety or the wellbeing of others (Source: ABC13).

Now that you have some Summer Party Ideas, make sure your home is ready for a summer gathering. Contact Excel Fencing & Decking for your next home project. We can’t wait to hear from you! 410-803-9949


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