Summer Maintenance

Summer Maintenance

3 Tasks for Your Summer Maintenance Checklist

There is no doubt that summer is the time for R&R. But somewhere in between all the family vacations, pool parties, and backyard barbecues, there are important home summer maintenance work to be done. Just like the other seasons, summer has its own list of upkeep requirements, many of which are designed to protect the home against the scorching sun or keep your family safe and cool during the hottest time of year. The following are three tasks that should be on your radar this summer.

Check the Windows

Examine your double-pane and triple-pane windows for signs of moisture. If the condensation is on the outside, there is nothing to worry about, especially on a muggy day when the air conditioner is running. But if the moisture is between the panes, that signals a leak. The space between panes should be filled with an insulating gas, but the presence of water droplets means outside air is getting in, and the argon gas has escaped. Although the gas is harmless, the leak will drastically reduce your window’s energy efficiency.

Additionally, check around the window for drafts. If you feel air pushing through, then your air-conditioned interior air is seeping outside. Air leaks will cause your AC unit to work longer and harder to cool the home, and that increased usage will be reflected on energy bills. Luckily, high-quality vinyl replacement windows are only a phone call away at Excel Fencing & Decking. Our window installation teams can set you up with beautiful and affordable replacement windows in Baltimore, as well as handle any repair work you need.

Clean the Air Conditioner

Give your air conditioner the support it needs during its high-maintenance season by keeping it clean. Using a soft-bristle brush, vacuum the fins to remove any dust or debris that is clogging up the unit. Trim overhead branches and make a barrier of at least two feet between the unit and any nearby plants. This will help keep the AC clean while also ensuring that air flow is not impeded. Finally, clean or replace the air filter.

Inspect the Deck

It seems like a deck inspection is called for every season, but that is because it is such an important task. Individuals do more outdoor living during the summer, which adds wear and tear to the deck. You do not want loose deck railings, wobbly deck boards, or uneven steps causing an injury, so carefully examine the entire structure and make sure all fasteners are solidly in place. Look for signs of mold, mildew, or wood rot, and patch any problem areas or call a professional like Excel to perform deck repair or replacement. And if you skipped applying deck sealant this spring, check it to see how it is holding up. Just pour some water on the boards, and if it beads up then the sealant is still working properly.

We hope everyone is enjoying a fabulous summer. But if your check-up reveals the need for new windows, a deck replacement, or anything else, please know you can rely on Excel Fencing & Decking for all your repair, replacement, installation, and renovation needs!



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