Storm Season

Protect Your Home During Storm Season


Storm Season

As summer turns to fall, Maryland and other states along the Eastern Seaboard are often affected by storm season.  Between the winds, rain, and occasionally even hurricanes, your home can take a beating. You never know when a major weather event will occur, so it’s best to be prepared before an emergency arises. Start taking steps now to protect your home from strong winds and severe weather.


Know the Risks

The first step to securing your home is performing a security-and-risk audit. Walk the property, paying special attention to your home’s soft spots—doors, windows, roof, and garage—and make a list of potential problem areas. It’s a good idea to have a professional contractor make a thorough home inspection as part of this process. He or she might identify risks that could otherwise go unnoticed.

You can also call Excel Fencing & Decking! Collectively, we have over three decades of experience in the construction industry and our trained experts are happy to help weatherproof your home. From analyzing risks to making recommendations and performing necessary work.


Doors and Windows

As points of entry, doors and windows are by nature less structurally sound. This makes them more vulnerable to damage from high winds during storm season. Fortunately, you can protect your home against breaking glass by installing steel shutters over windows and sliding glass doors. In case of a hurricane warning, boarding your windows and doors offers extra protection.


Shingles and Siding

Before the next big storm, identify, repair, and replace loose, crumbling, or missing shingles to protect your home against leaks and water damage. If new shingles need to be installed, make sure they are rated for high winds and projectile impact resistance. Damaged or unsecured siding also exposes your home to potential problems. Work with a licensed contractor to ensure all shingles and siding are properly secured with screws and bolts.


Neutralize Possible Projectiles

Considerable damage can be inflicted by projectiles during gale force winds or severe storms. Minimize the threat by moving patio furniture, flowerpots, gardening tools, and barbecues into a garage or shed during storm season. Keep in mind, though, even that shed can become a projectile if the wind is strong enough. As an added precaution, you can secure outdoor buildings, appliances, and furniture that is too heavy to be moved using ground anchors, cables, or chains. Trees should also be trimmed to prevent dead branches from breaking off and damaging your roof, windows, or siding.

Fences are another potential projectile often overlooked by homeowners. Loose fence posts and busted rails can easily be picked up by the wind. If you need any fence repairs, or you would just like to make sure it is properly secured, be sure to give Excel a call. Fencing is literally our middle name!


Have a Plan

If you intend to ride out a storm at home, review your emergency preparedness plan with the whole family. Be aware of emergency numbers and procedures. Plus, you should identify nearby shelters in case of evacuation orders. Know your home’s safest spots, such as your basement, windowless hallway(s), and other areas away from glass. Have your family’s emergency kit well stocked with bandages and first aid supplies, blankets, flashlights, batteries, drinking water, food, and a battery-powered emergency radio. We also recommend keeping prescription medication, hygiene supplies, money, and important documents in a convenient area just in case you need to leave quickly. Make sure pets are safe throughout storm season. Don’t forget to include their food and medication among your emergency supplies!

Whether you’re looking to weatherproof your home or repair exterior elements after a strong storm, Excel Fencing & Decking is here to help. Call us today for a free estimate!


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