Spruce Up A Home Office Space

As teleworking and freelancing become more popular, more and more homebuyers are looking for potential office space.  From a renovation standpoint, it’s a fairly inexpensive project.  Design-wise, though, it can be more challenging to create a space that walks the fine line between function and comfort.  If it’s truly a priority, try these design tips to help you find your work flow without ever leaving home.

Give Yourself Space

Previously, a home office was just an afterthought—a way to utilize that random room that was a little too big to be a closet and a little too small to be an actual bedroom.  Now, however, people are looking for a little more room to move around.  Add some amenities like windows and an en suite bathroom, then you’ll really be in business.

Consider the location of your potential office in relation to the rest of the house, too.  Is it too close to common areas that you’ll be distracted?  Will you need a separate entrance/exit for visiting clients?  If you plan on working from home most of the time, then prioritize your placement.  After all, you’ll be more productive in a space you actually like.

Focus on Furniture

In the office, especially, the furniture really makes or breaks the room.  As with a traditional workplace, you’ll need a desk, chair, and storage—but it doesn’t have to look like a typical corporate environment.  Remember, it’s still a part of your home, so it should carry some of the same style as the rest of the rooms.

If you’ve got rustic tastes, choose a wooden desk that complements that.  For storage, you can add an antique hardware cabinet or workbench.  It doesn’t have to be all metal filing cabinets and floating shelves.  For a truly customized look, try built-ins!  Don’t forget to invest in a truly comfortable chair.  It’s not just a design staple; it’s also important for your continued comfort and health!

Add a Touch of Inspiration

Whatever motivates you, surround yourself with it!  If that’s technology, then highlight your state-of-the-art equipment. If that’s bright colors, then choose a new paint color and add some of your favorite art pieces to the walls.  Those knick-knacks and family photos that decorate the rest of your home should have a place in your office, as well.  They can serve as little reminders of why you’re working so hard!

Not only does a home office add resale value to your property, but also it provides a functional space for you to use every week.  Designing it can be a fun project that makes you excited to go to work—if you weren’t already.  So, indulge yourself a little when it comes to planning this particular space and don’t be afraid to ask for help!  We handle renovation projects, too.

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