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Smart Tech for Your Lawn and Garden

There has been a lot of buzz lately about all the smart tech devices that promise to simplify our lives. These connected gadgets are popping up everywhere from the family room to the kitchen to the bathroom. But smart tech is not restricted to indoor living. Today, a variety of products designed for the great outdoors can add convenience, increase security, and improve performance for your property. If you are looking to bring your lawn and garden into the digital age, these products might be for you.

Weather Watch

You do not need the TV meteorologist to stay informed of the weather anymore. Home Wi-Fi weather stations let you monitor conditions both in and out of the home from the convenience of a smartphone. The outdoor device constantly measures factors like humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure, while the indoor companion keeps track of air quality and even sound level. Real-time notifications are sent to your phone, and the app even saves data history and displays information in graph form to help you better understand weather trends.

Garden Gear

New digital plant trackers get a green thumbs up. Just place the device next to a plant to receive up-to-date information about the plant’s health and growth history. Some products run soil diagnostics while also factoring in rainfall and sunlight amounts to suggest ways to improve the plant’s performance or make recommendations about which plants would thrive in your garden’s conditions. The device only works for a single plant, but its modest price makes it a sensible solution.

Smart Tech Sprinkler

Energy efficiency is the name of the game with smart sprinklers. Some models claim a savings of up to 50% on your water bill by providing plants the water they need without any waste. Water levels are calculated by measuring conditions like plant species, soil type, and sun exposure, while also skipping watering when it is unnecessary due to wind, rain, or freezing temperatures. The sprinkler runs via voice activation and can be preset to run at specific intervals or based on weather conditions. There is even a function that allows you to zone different sections of the yard to receive more or less water than other areas.

Smart Tech Safety Stuff

Smart tech helps you shine a light on your yard, while cameras keep a watchful eye out for any security concerns. Spotlights let you focus on areas of concern, such as a deck, shed, garden, or outdoor kitchen, while floodlights are great for general surveillance. Powered by batteries, smart outdoor lights eliminate the need for excessive wiring and come with motion activation, voice activation, and brightness customization features.

Smart cameras send real-time alerts to your phone the moment an unauthorized individual comes into view. It is perfect for homeowners who have security concerns about protecting outdoor features and valuables, as well as those who want to see what wildlife visits the yard while no one is looking. Some products offer the best of both worlds by combining a security camera with a spotlight, and even include a siren to scare off intruders.

Thanks to smart tech, homeowners can now rest easy knowing that prized possessions are safe and secure all hours of the day. That makes this the perfect time to add that special something to your yard. Maybe it is the deck you have always dreamed of, that pergola you have been pondering, or the fire pit you have fancied. Amazing outdoor living is just a phone call away when you reach out to Excel Fencing & Decking.




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