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security fencing

Security Fencing: How to Choose a Security Fence for Your Yard

Many homeowners are not only concerned about adding a fence to their homes for aesthetic reasons, but also as the first line of defense against potential intruders. When it comes to choosing security fencing for your home there are many choices that you have to make. These choices include the right material and a perfectly secure design. The team at Excel Fencing and Decking can help find, install, and maintain the right fence for your specific needs.

Choose the Right Security Fencing Material

First, you need to think carefully about what material will protect your home. The material must also be durable despite weather and harsh outdoor conditions. Chain link fencing is affordable, but it provides potential intruders an easy foothold to scale the fence. Vinyl fencing is another excellent fencing option, but it is not always as durable under stress like aluminum and wood.

Choose the Right Design

Another consideration when choosing a security fence is the design. When you look at the most impressive security fencing, like the White House fence, notice that they are strategically designed. They do not offer a hiding place for anyone and they are very hard to scale. The best security fences allow a compromise. This is between seeing what is happening outside of your property while keeping everything on the other side of the fence. The gate that you choose should also be secure with a lock that cannot easily be cut off or opened by force.

Choose the Right Installation

Finally, when you choose a security fence you should remember that the fence is only as good as the installation. The fence should be properly secured to the ground so that posts will not come loose when wiggled. The panels or boards of the fence should also be securely fastened so that they cannot easily be pulled off or damaged. A professional installation ensures that the security fence you choose lives up to the investment that you placed in it and keeps your family safe.

Choose the Best Security Fencing with Excel Fencing and Decking

Excel Fencing and Decking, is proud to meet the needs of every customer, whether searching for new residential wood fencing or repairs to aluminum decking. Excel is a full-service fencing and decking company working throughout the greater Baltimore area. We carry top brands including Trex, Azek, Shoreline Vinyl Systems, and Wolf PVC Decking. To learn more about our services, give us a call at (410) 803-9499.

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