Screened in Porch

screened in porch

Screened in Porch

5 Reasons to Install a Screened in Porch This Spring

Our name may be Excel Fencing and Decking, but we’ve got a lot more in our wheelhouse besides those two options. One of our favorite home renovations is a screened in porch, and in this post, we’ll give you five reasons why.


Screened in Porch Provides Protection From the Elements

There is no need to worry about being caught in the rain with a screened in porch! In the summer, sometimes the only relief from the heat to be found is in the shade, and a porch provides that and more. Create a more contained breeze with clip-on or standing fans and recline on your outdoor furniture. No sunscreen? No problem! Too humid to be stuck indoors but too wet to venture outside? A screened porch wins again!


No More Bug Spray

Bugs begone! As with sunscreen, leave the sticky stuff behind and find protection from the mosquitos while still enjoying the outdoors. Essentially, screened porches let the nice things (i.e., warm breezes and fresh air) in and keep the unpleasant things (the elements and bugs) out. Need we say more?


A Screened in Porch Adds Curb Appeal

Whether or not you’re looking to put your house on the market, adding curb appeal and investing in your home is a good idea. Installing an appealing screened porch not only makes your home look nicer but also adds more square footage and functionality to the indoor property. Excel’s porches can be customized to fit within an incredibly diverse array of aesthetic styles, giving your home a unique look and feel, upping its value and increasing its curb appeal to potential buyers, all in one fell swoop. And you’ll enjoy using it, too!


Pets Welcome

Nervous about letting your dog out to roam without a leash? Let your furry friend spend some time outside without having to worry about a wild dash after the nearest squirrel. Got a puppy to house train? Let them roam about your screened porch with the peace of mind of knowing they can’t make too much of a mess.


What a View

As you know, we love a good backyard deck, but sometimes it’s nice to have a view from the front of your home instead of the back. Maybe your well-tended flower beds are clustered around the front door, or you like watching your kids run around the neighborhood after dinner. Depending on which way your house faces, you might even be able to watch the sunrise from your porch and the sunset from your deck– or vice versa. It’s the best of both worlds with a screened porch.


Have We Convinced You?

We can’t wait to get started! With years of industry experience and access to the very best in porch construction materials, Excel is Maryland’s number one choice for porch installation and customization. Whether you’re building a new porch from scratch or converting an existing structure, we’ve got the knowledge and materials needed to do the job right and do it affordably. We offer the best in customer service alongside unbeatable prices and top-quality construction materials. Contact us today through our quick online form or give us a call at 410-803-9499 for a free estimate. Sit back and let the journey with Excel Fencing and Decking begin!



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