Retaining Walls Add Support & Style!

retaining walls

Retaining Walls Add Support and Style to a Property


If your uneven yard is making you feel uneasy, you might want to consider installing a retaining wall. No longer are these structures just simple slabs of concrete with a sole purpose of holding back soil. These stone and block barriers have become popular options for homeowners looking to combine form and function with decorative flair. Here’s what you need to know about retaining walls.

Retaining Walls Protect Your Yard

No matter how decorative they become, retaining walls will always have a central mission of supporting your yard. Not all lawns are created equal, and some have more than their fair share of inclines and elevation changes. Installing retaining walls along steep slopes helps combat the effects of gravity and erosion, thus preventing further sliding. Retaining walls are a must for homeowners with sunken patios or descending steps, such as those leading to a basement. The walls maintain the integrity of the steps by holding the soil in place while also assisting with water drainage.

Diverting water runoff is an important function of any retaining wall. Yards that suffer from heavy pooling at the base of inclines can see marked improvement, but it’s important to consider proper drainage before installation. Retaining walls may be supporting structures, but even they require a helping hand. A backfill with compacted gravel or sand should accompany every wall to aid drainage and prevent against swelling or cracking. Some homeowners also install a perforated drainage pipe to minimize risk of potential water worries down the road.

Retaining Walls Improve Your Yard

Retaining walls can radically upgrade a sloped and unmanageable lawn. In fact, they go a long way in significantly increasing a property’s outdoor living space. For instance, you can turn a steep and otherwise unused section of lawn into a tiered garden. Retaining walls make wonderful planting beds, which also helps divert focus away from the wall itself. Many people incorporate fire pits, fountains, water features, and other backyard favorites into the design, and retaining walls also create excellent space for benches and other outdoor seating. Individuals can get creative with placement, too. Whether constructed of wood, brick, stone, or concrete, retaining walls don’t need to be straight. Zigzag patterns are popular, and curved walls add a sense of movement to a property.

Decoration and design are hallmarks of today’s retaining walls. Many homeowners incorporate mosaics, polished stones, and other decorative elements into the design, while alternating colored stones is another idea. Once constructed, some individuals use masonry or paint to further customize a wall.

Whether you are considering a retaining wall to add visual interest or for more utilitarian purposes, Excel Fencing & Decking is here to help. From conception to construction to decoration, our professional retaining wall builders will set you up with the perfect design for your property.



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