Reasons to Add a Bar to Your Kitchen

Ever thought about adding a bar or counter to your kitchen? In addition to having another eating area for family and friends, a bar is another way make your kitchen stand out and look visually interesting! Let’s delve further into the functions of a kitchen bar and the reasons to add one to your kitchen.

Kitchen Appeal

The kitchen is one of the main aspects of any home. Whether you’re planning to stay in your home for life or sell your house in a few years, you want your kitchen to look great and not just be a stove, fridge, and empty space. Even with a beautiful design and nice cabinetry, a blank kitchen leaves much to be desired. In an earlier post, we discussed the utility and appeal of kitchen islands, as well as how they can really enhance the kitchen. The same can be done with the kitchen bar! A bar immediately gives the kitchen a sense of comfort and eliminates the room’s emptiness. In fact, you could actually incorporate a bar into your kitchen island, this way you’ll get the best of these two accessories!

A bar will give you and guests more ways to enjoy the kitchen while adding a visual element to the room that is separate from the wall or fixtures. Adding chairs also gives the bar a communal component, which is another big consideration!

Bars Beckon Company

Adding a bar with seating upgrades the kitchen from just a staging area for dinner to a potential social area as well. If you’re cooking, you can still have family members and friends comfortably sitting in your kitchen, the conversations and entertainment don’t have to end!

Even when you’re not cooking, a kitchen bar offers you a chance to fully maximize the room, simply because you have a seating surface to take advantage of. Whether you want to use it as a hang-out area or an actual dining section, you have the options. Alternately, if you want a space to enjoy an after-work drink or read a book in peace, you have a cozy kitchen bar to enjoy.


On its own, a bar has many uses. If you find that you entertain guests often or seemed very cramped for space for holiday meals, a major reason to put in a bar is that it adds a list of conveniences. Similarly, to an island, a kitchen bar can help you stage the meal your preparing or help you remove obstacles out of the way while you cook. You can also use the bar as an area for guests to collect food and return to the table instead of piling food onto the dining room table. If your table’s filling up and your bar is in close proximity, you can even seat people at the bar for dinner. Another option would be to use the bar chairs for extra seating at the table. While highly functional bars also offer a lot of interesting aesthetic options.

Bring in Style

There are many design options to consider for your bar. For example, you can choose wooden chairs to compliment your cabinets or perhaps metal chairs to help reflect the light and give a sense of grit to the kitchen. Consider also adding counter centerpieces or decorations to make your bar really come alive too. Make the bar be final touch in your kitchen’s overall design and you’ll have a room that feels fully realized.

We Can Help!

Are you ready to remodel that kitchen and bring in the bar? Winter is actually a prime time for this kind of interior work, so you can begin the process of having a new kitchen right now! When you’re ready, Excel Fencing and Decking is ready to help with all of your renovation and remodeling needs!

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