Privacy Fence Material

privacy fence material

Privacy Fence Material


There are many reasons why homeowners invest in fences, ranging from safety to curb value to aesthetic value. Others focus on privacy, and when you choose vinyl fencing, you get all four. Here’s why vinyl is the best privacy fence material. This material will get you the best results in appeal, security, and functionality– and go easy on your budget.


Blocks Would-Be Snoopers

Wood, aluminum, and even chain link fencing doesn’t offer nearly as much coverage as vinyl. With panels rather than a line of posts and spaced pickets, vinyl places a solid sheet of material in between your home and prying eyes. Vinyl fences also tend to be higher than wooden ones, allowing for even more privacy. If you want your fence to be large enough to provide significant cover but prefer to have it blend in a little more, fear not! Vinyl is incredibly versatile and complements a range of architectural styles. Try a beige shade rather than white to fit with nearby trees and/or buildings.


Privacy Fence Material that is an Effective Sound Barrier

What keeps out more noise: a solid door or one with holes in it? Vinyl fencing’s solid build blocks more than just sight lines. With a higher fence around your property, you can maintain a level of quiet and auditory privacy less attainable with other types of fencing.


Keeps Even Small Animals Out

From squirrels and chipmunks to rabbits and foxes, small creatures are no strangers to cramped spaces! Make sure pets stay in and wild animals stay out with a vinyl fence. You might be surprised at the size of critters that can squeeze through narrow gaps– including dogs! Even if larger animals such as deer can’t fit through the space between wooden or aluminum rails, they often find a way to stick their heads through or over the fence altogether. This allows them to munch on any greenery you have nearby the fence’s interior. With vinyl, this problem is circumvented!


Attractive and Low-Maintenance

Finally, vinyl is the best material for privacy fences simply because of its advantages for a fence of any purpose. It boosts the curb appeal of your home and increases your property’s beauty and security simultaneously. Vinyl is durable, versatile, and low-maintenance– you won’t have to worry about persistent rust and moldy wood with this material. Homeowners generally find it necessary to do no more than give their vinyl fence a wash with soap and water once a year. Even before the fence is your own, the installation process is much simpler and less invasive than with other materials. For this reason, it’s not only a smoother process for you but a more affordable one! There really is no better material for privacy fencing than vinyl.


Privacy Fence Material Questions ?

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