Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing


Is the exterior of your home ready for a good scrub? Improve its curb appeal with pressure washing to remove the grime and make it shine. Here’s how to power wash and make your home stand out on the block.

Pressure Washing: When to Tackle your Home, Deck, or Fence

Is dirt, debris, and gunk getting the better of your home exterior? Ready to give it a squeaky clean look?  No, you don’t have to pull out a bucket of soap and water and wash it yourself.  Try pressure or power washing to give your home a fresh appearance.

Pressure Washing Versus Power Washing

These terms are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two washing methods.

Pressure washing uses highly pressurized normal-temperature water to remove buildup on hard surfaces.  It effectively removes dirt without damaging surfaces. It’s safe for most hardwood and pressure-treated woods.

Power washing uses heated water to clean tough spots and stains. It’s best used on hard surfaces, like cement or concrete.

Benefits of Pressure Washing

There are many benefits to pressure washing your home exterior, deck, driveway or fence.  This technique allows you to clean the outside of your home without having to scrub down every nook and cranny.

Prevents Damage.  Mold, mildew and algae that accumulate on your home exterior can cause damage over time.  They can grow and feed on the paint and ruin siding.  Pressure washing gets into tight spaces and lets you remove these harmful substances.

You Save Money.  Pressure washing the outside of your home protects it from damage and will save you money on repairs.  Preventative maintenance keeps your home looking fresh and clean, helping to retain its value. So, even if you hire a professional power washing company, it will save you money in the long run.

Prevents Allergen Buildup.  Pressure washing removes airborne mold spores, pollen and dust mites that trigger allergies.  Keep your family healthy by giving your home exterior a good cleaning every year.

It Saves Time. This method is efficient and effective, saving you time and elbow grease.  Pressure washing also primes surfaces for painting and refinishing.

Increases Curb Appeal.  A clean home exterior is appealing to the eye and also potential homebuyers. Give your home an instant facelift with a good power washing.

When to Power Wash

The best time to power wash your deck is when it’s warm and sunny outside and there’s little wind.  Spring is ideal for removing the buildup of dirt, mildew and debris from the winter months.

You can also clean up from the summer months by power washing in the fall.  Power wash your deck anytime you plan to refinish it.  Don’t power wash when it’s raining.

What is Safe to Pressure Wash

Some areas around your home are safe to pressure wash. These include vinyl, aluminum and cement siding; unstained natural wood decking; children’s outdoor toys; and composite wood or plastic outdoor furniture.

Power washing is a better option to remove dirt and grime that is stuck on surfaces.  It can be used to get rid of old paint, mold and mildew on pavement, oil and grease, and sticky gum.  This technique is best for concrete walkways, patios, and driveways.

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