Porch Design

Porch Design

Porch Design: Elements of a Beautiful Porch

A porch is not only functional, but has a huge impact on curb appeal.  There are several types and many ways to decorate them to fit your personal tastes and budget.  Here is what you need to know about porch design and designing the porch of your dreams.


Find a Prime Porch Location

The first item on your list is to pick a good location.  Keep the climate in mind. A south-facing porch may get too hot, while one with a northern exposure can get too cold. Consider the view.  It’s best to place a porch away from neighbors and the street.  Note the direction the breeze usually blows as well.  Place the porch near rooms you use often.


Your Porch Season

A screened-in porch is perfect if you live in a warmer climate. In cooler areas, consider installing windows so you can enjoy your porch year-round.  When summer comes, open them up to let the air in.


Pick a Porch Design

Figure out what you want the porch to be used for. Do you want a sitting area, a place to dine, or a long, narrow space that lets more light in? A room that is open on all sides enhances that outdoor feeling and helps air circulate.  A porch with a peaked roof is perfect for installing high windows and a ceiling fan. Consider a screened porch to keep the bugs away while you enjoy the fresh air.


Find the Right Look

Get inspired with pictures of porch designs you like from magazines or the internet. Look around your neighborhood, too. Once you decide what you like, make a rough drawing of a basic floor plan.  Choose flooring that best suits your needs.  Wood is a popular choice along with plastic decking.  A concrete slab is commonly used for ground level porches.  Stain the concrete for a more upscale look.


Porch Decorating Ideas

If you plan to use your porch for entertaining, add warmth and personality to it.  Put down an outdoor rug and add cozy pillows or throws on furniture.  Be sure the fabric you choose is safe to use outdoors.  Find a table and chairs that best fit the space you have.


Types of Porches

There are many styles of porches to choose from.

A front porch is inviting and is basically an outdoor extension of your living space. It’s a great place to relax, visit, or do some people-watching.  It’s a part of your home that you show off to passersby.

A portico typically covers the steps that lead to your front door.  It’s a small porch that can be built on a limited budget.

A farmer’s porch normally extends across the front of a home.  It typically has a wide staircase, railings, support beams and rocking chairs, too.  This type of porch also has a roof that provides shelter from the weather.

A back porch is less formal than a front porch. It’s a popular, yet private gathering spot for family and friends. It’s casual and often has a grilling area and patio furniture.

A wraparound porch extends all the way around your home.  This type of porch can be used for different purposes. The front can be more formal, the side can feature a private sitting area, while the back can be very casual.

The right porch can offer a lifetime of enjoyment for homeowners and their families.  Take time to shop around and choose one that best fits your lifestyle.


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