Pool Season is Right Around the Corner

pool season

Pool Season is Right Around the Corner

It may not be quite warm enough to open your pool for the season, but it will be soon! To better prepare yourself for pool season, you can take a few steps now to ensure you’re ready later.  Feel free to adjust these for your particular pool and location, but here are our suggestions:

Stock Up Before Season

After conducting your first water test of the season, be on the lookout for all of the supplies you’ll need.  From chemicals to covers and skimmers, search for early bird sales that will allow you to save even as you prepare your pool.  Depending on your test results, you may just want to pick up a start-up chemical kit that should come with everything you need.  Or you can always pick up supplies individually.  Be sure you have all of the necessary safety equipment first, including reliable safety goggles, chemical-resistant gloves, and test strips.  Then, move on to exactly what you’ll need to shock your pool.  This includes chemicals such as chlorine, pH increasers or decreasers, algaecide, water clarifiers, alkalinity increasers, and possibly something to adjust your water’s calcium hardness. Once you have everything you need, then it’s onto the next step!

Clear Off Your Pool Cover

Even if you’re not ready to remove it completely, it’s definitely time to clean your pool cover.  After all, it’s been closed for months, as dirt, debris, and precipitation weighed it down.  Before it becomes too compacted—or worse, breaks through to your pool—clear it off carefully.  You can begin by using a softer broom to remove the big stuff.  Including leaves, sticks, and other large debris.  If there’s standing water present, break out your pool cover pump.  You may need to take it slow if there’s a lot of water, which is why it’s better to do this part regularly.  After all, water is heavier than you might think!  One inch of rain weighs approximately 5 pounds.  During a rainy spring, that can quickly add up—forcing you to replace your pool cover sooner than necessary.  You might also have to hire a professional cleaner it gets too bad.

Pool Season = De-Winterize

Once you’re closer to opening your pool, you can start to undo more of your winterizing efforts.  Winterizing plugs, for example, were useful in preventing your skimmer, pipes, and filter from freezing.  But soon, you’ll have to remove them and ensure everything’s working properly.  Don’t forget to check your accessories too.  Whether that’s a pool ladder, a diving board, slide, or other water feature.  You may have to lubricate bolts and grease hinges for a smooth open this pool season.  That goes for your fence, too!  With this essential security feature, you won’t want to take any chances.  So, inspect it early—especially around the gate(s)—and call in our professional team for any maintenance and/or replacements.

Pool season’s right around the corner and we couldn’t be happier!  Start the process of opening your pool as early as you’d like with these steps.  Then, make arrangements for fresh water before you test your filter and/or pump.  Although we’re not your resident pool experts, we can certainly help you protect this feature with privacy fencing and slip-resistant decking.  Contact us for more information!


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