Planning a Basement Bedroom

Planning a Basement Bedroom

Planning a Basement Bedroom

Ready to be swept up in the basement bedroom craze?

Basement bedrooms are becoming more popular as they offer an ideal private space for sleeping and relaxing that is both functional and attractive.  Basements have a reputation for being gloomy, due to their low ceilings and lack of natural light.  Considering this, when planning a basement bedroom, you can turn your basement into a comfy, cozy, and bright place to sleep, gather or just chill.


Focus on Lighting When Planning a Basement Bedroom

Whether it’s natural or artificial, make sure there is enough light to brighten up the extra basement bedroom..  If it has windows, open up the area nearby, and pick light and airy window treatments. Spotlights, paired with a dimmer will allow you to control the amount of light.  Add wall lights, and floor and table lamps to further enhance the ambiance of the room.


Keep it Cozy

High-quality insulation is a must in order to keep the basement bedroom livable.  Most basements have bare concrete walls. A layer of insulation will keep the heat in and reduce the noise from upstairs.


Make the Space Functional

Sliding doors are a fabulous way to separate the bedroom from the basement kitchen or living area. With the right design, your space can shine and look divine. Just close the doors when you want privacy.

Decorate the basement bedroom with a light color scheme to warm up the space.  Keep the walls and ceiling in shades of white and add soft colors with the decor. Choose warm wooden flooring, rugs or carpeting to make the space even cozier.

A single wall of built-in storage is a great way to add space without cluttering up the bedroom with extra furniture. The storage unit can be in a darker color to add contrast to a lighter room.

Add mirrors to brighten up your space.  Mirrored furniture will multiply the light in the room.  A wall mirror will bounce light around and brighten the room. Enhanced natural lighting will make the bedroom appear larger.


Add Height to the Bedroom

A basement bedroom will appear taller if you draw the eye upwards.  Hang a fabric panel behind the bed. A botanical fabric, for example, will appear to “grow” up the wall.  Put stripes on the walls to pull eyes upward to small lighted areas near the ceiling.  Low profile furniture that matches a low level bed will give the illusion of more vertical space.  A four poster bed frame will also do the trick.


Planning a Basement Bedroom Final Thoughts

Basement bedrooms done right are stylish, warm, and offer privacy for guests and older kids.  The design and decorating choices are endless, allowing you to choose a style that fits your lifestyle and personality.


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