Pet Safety Fencing

Pet Safety Fencing

Pet Safety Fencing: How to Protect Yourself

Lately, we’ve seen too many headlines about what happens when people don’t respect pet safety fencing around other people’s pets.  When responsible homeowners add this barrier, it’s to protect multiple parties—their friends, neighbors, and beloved pets!  So, we should all keep these precautions in mind to help prevent any unpleasant interacts through the fence.

Pet Safety Fencing – As the Pet Owner…

You have many details to consider.  Is your fence the right height for your pet?  Can they see or jump over the top border?  This will obviously vary depending on what type of dog(s) or cat(s) you have, not to mention it could change over time.  Just to be safe, try to base your measurements on an adult-sized animal.  So, you won’t have to compromise on safety or cost by adding onto the fence at a later time.

Let’s not forget about the posts/slats.  Aesthetically, a fully-enclosed barrier may not work for your home (or your neighborhood).  That just means you have to be a bit more creative.  With a tradition wood or composite slatted fence, your goal is to minimize the space between as much as possible.  Whether that’s with additional slats or wire backing, it can help to prevent pets from getting out and people from getting in.

Then there’s the gate.  You still need a secure way to access your backyard!  If nothing else, we suggest you splurge on this particular detail.  One with a firm latch that is out of reach of your animal(s) and random passersby.  Depending upon your outdoor setup, you may even need more than one.  Each separate area may need its owner entryway/barrier.  For example, the deck should need its own gate, so should the garden, and any other space you’re trying to protect.  This gives you the option to access everything, without worry.

Pet Fence – As the Visitor…

While it is the pet owner’s responsibility to install a suitable fence, it is up to the rest of us to respect these boundaries.  If you notice an animal behind fencing, don’t go up to it and start encouraging or antagonizing it.  Above all else, don’t stick your hand, arm, or any other body part through the fence!  Especially when you’re unfamiliar with this home and/or pet(s).

Even if it’s a perfectly nice animal, it might not recognize your hand coming through the barrier.  In fact, it could feel threatened by this perceived invasion and lash out—even if it wouldn’t ordinarily.  Don’t feed them, don’t mess with the gate.  Generally, you should remain cautious and view this design measure as a means to protect both you and the pets!  Teach these precautions to your children, too, since they’re more likely to be involved in a pet-related injury.

For more information on how to install or update your pet security season soon, contact our team!  Not only will we present you with some of the latest safety options, but we’ll also ensure your fence fits with your overall style and budget.  Throughout Maryland, rely on your local fencing and decking experts to get the job done right—for you and your pets!

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