Keep The Pests Away!

Tired of those pesky bees ruining your outdoor picnic? They are especially assertive in the fall when food is near. Bug-proof your outdoor space and keep the pests away.


Keep the Pests Away: Bug-Proof Your Fall Backyard Fun

Many of us enjoy spending time on the deck or patio in the fall. We love the fresh, cool air; a nice breeze; the warmth of the sun; the sounds of nature. However, as we enjoy the cooler temps, the insects move in as well who are looking to survive. Here are some ways to bug-proof your space and keep the pests away.


Those Pesky Bees

Let’s start with the bees. These annoying pests can get quite aggressive in the fall and are often after our food. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are going to picnic outside.

Don’t set up your food near trash cans, tall grass, or vacant sheds where bees gather. Avoid tablecloths that have a floral pattern. Bees may think the flowers are real. Use tablecloths with a muted color or non-floral pattern instead.

Bees are natural pollinators and are attracted to large, bright flowers, whether they are real or artificial. Move the flowers away from the eating area before you gather the family. Bees especially like wildflowers, along with honeysuckle, goldenrod and lavender. Bees are also fond of many herbs, including oregano, thyme and chives.


Hide the Food

Bees can sniff out open containers of food so be sure to seal those containers. Have guests fill up their plates inside. Bees love sweet or pungent-smelling food, including soda. Throw out the garbage immediately after the meal is done.


The Best Ways to Deter the Bees

Slice up 2 or 3 cucumbers and put the peels around the edges of your deck or outdoor table. They have an acid that wards off bees and wasps.

Marigolds can scare away hornets and yellow jackets. They are naturally repelled by the flower. However, honeybees who want the nectar will still come around.

Common herbs also repel bees. They will steer-clear of peppermint, cinnamon, vanilla and garlic.

Don’t wear bold, bright colors or floral patterns. Avoid red, yellow, purple and green. Dress in muted tones instead.

Stay away from perfume, cologne or scented cosmetics, and use unscented hair products.


Ways to Bug-Proof Your Outdoor Space

Aside from bees, other insects love to pay us a visit as well in the fall. Install panels of mesh screen on the underside of your deck to prevent bugs from crawling through the cracks. To further bug-proof your space, put mesh screens up around the perimeter of the deck to keep the insects out.

Illuminate the deck with yellow bug lights designed to deter insects and spiders. For extra effectiveness, light insect repellent candles and put them in the corners.

Add an outdoor fan. Ceiling fans are becoming more popular as a way to cool people off and keep the bugs at bay. Fans are especially useful at warding off flies and mosquitoes.

Get rid of standing water in your yard. It acts as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Repel bugs with patio plants. Chrysanthemums are said to keep roaches, ants, ticks, fleas and bedbugs away. Marigolds and rosemary can be effective against mosquitoes.

A reputable pest control company is sometimes the answer as well.

Ready to Improve Your Outdoor Space?

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