Paddock Fence

Paddock Fence

What is a Paddock Fence?

Today, we offer so many options for fencing that it can be difficult to choose just one!  To help you decide, we’ll focus on one of the most common formats we use:  the paddock fence.  Although you may not recognize the name, chances are you’d recognize the style.  Starting with:

The Boards

In many ways, a paddock fence appears similar to a split rail fence.  It has defined openings between three to five different horizontal boards that give you privacy without closing off your property completely.  Structurally, though, the boards are attached a little differently.

In a paddock fence, the boards are simply nailed to one another.  As opposed to being inserted, like you would a split rail fence.  Still, they tend to be incredibly sturdy, making them a popular option for farmers and horse owners alike.  Not to mention, they’re more economical because they require less boards than a full-on privacy fence.

The Material(s)

When you picture this type of fence, what do you see?  The image in your mind probably involves wooden fencing of some sort.  Any variety you can think of, we can install!  We just typically recommend some sort of pressure-treated wood to keep your fence low-maintenance and long-lasting.  Even rough-cut boards—which offer a more rustic appearance—can be pressure treated without losing their finish.

Still, your paddock fence doesn’t have to be made of wood.  We can easily create this style using vinyl fencing or some other composite materials.  These tend to be even more durable, in addition to giving you more color options without worrying about paint.  Don’t forget to ask us about wire mesh in between the boards to give you extra security!

The Cost

Honestly, this is the hardest part to describe—at least universally.  It really depends on how large your paddock fence needs to be, what type of wood or other materials you want to use, and how decorative you’re trying to be.  While this style is pretty straightforward, don’t confuse it with the slightly more ornate estate fencing.

The two types look very similar when it comes to the bottom half, but estate fences have criss-crossing boards at the top, as opposed to the regular horizontal placement.  Keep in mind, each extra step in the installation process will contribute to the cost.  But overall paddock fencing is a great option for properties that require a lot of posts.

After more than two decades in business, we have the experience needed to give you an accurate quote upfront.  As well as to complete a hassle-free installation!  If you’d like more information on a paddock fence for your home, and the associated costs, we’d be happy to help.  Just contact the team at Excel Fencing & Decking today to get started.


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