Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans

 Open Floor Plans: Pros & Cons Part 2

Are open floor plans a blessing or a curse? It all depends on you! In this post, we explore more pros and cons of homes with open floor plans.

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When it comes to home design and remodels, there’s a lot to consider before you make a decision. After all, your home is where you spend the vast majority of your time, and it should be a reflection of your unique wants, needs, and tastes. One of the biggest decisions homeowners make pertains to layout, and a few weeks back, we discussed some pros and cons of open floor plans. Today, we’re returning with some more factors to consider when deciding whether an open floor plan is right for you.


Pro: Unified Aesthetic

No more worrying about how every room is painted a different color! Your home’s interior design has a unified aesthetic by necessity when it comes to open floor plans. Rather than desperately trying to ensure the transition from the bathroom to the kitchen isn’t jarring, the space’s decor is permitted to flow together seamlessly. You can have fun finding ways to mix things up between different living areas and add small touches to stave off redundancy.


Open Floor Plans Con: Complicated to Decorate

With that said, your home’s style can be a blessing and a curse. If your taste in decor is eclectic and you like experimenting, it may be difficult to stick to a single overarching aesthetic. Your furniture poses another potential problem, as many people don’t match their entire home’s worth of purchases! You may find it necessary to get rid of some mismatching pieces and/or buy a few new ones that fit with one another.


Pro: All Space is Utilized

No room is wasted because you’re blocking a doorway or can’t fit your furniture into the rooms they belong in! An open floor plan causes you to take stock of the space you have and arrange things exactly the way you want them. No more random empty corners or unused gaps between angled furniture and the walls!


Con: Everything’s On Display

Your entire home is put on display, including things you’d prefer guests or even roommates not see– hence why most owners of studio apartments with open floor plans live alone or with their partner! Plus, you can’t escape the cobwebs in your kitchen by shutting a nonexistent door; cleaning takes on a higher priority when you can see it all at once. There are no secrets in an open floor plan, and “alone time” may have to take place outside your home.


We hope these pros and cons have helped you explore the option of an open floor plan!


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