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Outdoor Lighting Solutions for October


Night comes earlier in October, which means you need better outdoor lighting solutions for your outdoor entertaining!  Keep enjoying your deck, patio, and porch with the right setup for your space.  Whether you prefer something whimsical or more practical, you have plenty of options to choose from today.  Here are just a few suggestions to get you started from your friends at Excel Fencing & Decking:

String Lights & Starry Nights

One of our favorite things about fall is the beautiful night sky.  With cooler temperatures and lower humidity, you should have a better view of the stars from your backyard.  Unless, of course, your lighting solutions are a little too bright.  That’s why string lights are so great!  You can pick your favorite strands, from dainty fairy lights to more industrial café lights, and place them strategically around your property. Turn them all on for an instantly festive atmosphere or create small seating areas by only lighting a few.

No matter what your budget may be, you can find string lights at any price point.  Some of them can even pull double duty as we head toward the holidays.  But the best part about this option is that fact that it keeps your outdoor entertaining space open.  You won’t lose your views of the night sky this way!  So, cozy up and enjoy some stargazing with this lighting solution.

Be More Colorful

We’re not talking about Christmas lights here, but rather the latest trend in smart technology.  Did you know you could buy color-changing light bulbs that switch hues on demand?  Bathe your backyard in a soft pink light for breast cancer awareness or go bright orange for Halloween.  In fact, with the right bulbs and your smart phone, you can easily switch back and forth.  Some options even come with built-in speakers for an all-in-one entertainment tool.  Just leave more room in your budget if you plan to go with this lighting solution.  A single smart light bulb can cost as much as $40—depending on which you brand you choose.  We recommend that you look up a few online reviews before buying.  Then determine the best place(s) around your porch, patio, and/or deck to incorporate them.  Once you know how many you need, you can shop for the best deals this October.

Turn the Lights Down Low

Or at least have the option to dim them.  Adjustable lighting is your friend!  Especially when it comes to outdoor entertaining.  We prefer lighting solutions that adjustable in placement and in brightness, so you can have more control.  They have industrial-style track lighting that’s designed to withstand the elements now.  With this option, you can independently manipulate each bulb.  Directing them upward for an ambient glow, or down for more direct light.  Add a dimmer switch and you’ll have the perfect brightness from dusk to dawn.

Hopefully, you got some inspiration for your lighting makeover this fall.  Let us know if you want to upgrade your backyard in other ways, with a deck, patio, and/or fence installation.  Here’s to all the outdoor entertaining you’ll do with your new outdoor lighting solutions this October!


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