Mistakes When Planning a New Deck

Mistakes When Planning a New Deck

Mistakes When Planning a New Deck


Many homeowners are starting to plan out their new deck projects with spring only a few weeks away. If you’re in that boat, be sure to check out these three common homeowner mistakes when planning a new deck! You could end up saving yourself a lot of stress, money and time.


Failing to Consider Your Intended Usage

The characteristics of your deck should be centered around the way you intend to use it. Are you planning on hosting large gatherings? Should you be accounting for an awning in your budget if sunlight is a concern? Will stairs be needed for easier yard access? If you ask yourself these questions now, you can be sure to steer clear of any buyer’s remorse pertaining to the specifications of your new investment.


Not Thoroughly Exploring Material Options

These days, there are a lot of choices available when it comes to decking materials. Pressure-treated lumber is by far the most popular due to its affordability, but that doesn’t mean you should choose it by default. Be sure to look into the advantages of choosing a harder wood before pulling the trigger. Alternatively, you may even discover that wood isn’t the best choice for you altogether. Many homeowners are opting for composite decking options due to the beautiful aesthetic and ultra-low maintenance.


DIY-ing The Project

DIY-ing certain home projects is a great way to save yourself money and still end up with a great finished product. Deckbuilding is generally a job best left to the professionals, however. Trying to build a deck by yourself for the first time can end up turning into a significant burden. (There used to be an entire show centered around this!) Additionally, you’re very likely to end up spending much more on your decking materials if you go this route.


Avoid Mistakes When Planning a New Deck with Excel Fencing & Decking

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