Lawn Damage From Deer

lawn damage from deer

What can you do to prevent lawn damage from Deer damaging your property?

As fall quickly turns to winter, the frequency of deer running into open road, jumping fences, damaging property, and lawn damage from deer is as common as ever. Deer are docile, but still rather destructive and very dangerous in many regards especially to drivers on the road. But while this is the most dangerous and apparent issue, there are other problems deer running amok cause frequently.

While not as destructive as causing a car accident, these issues will still be major headaches and should be dealt with and can be prevented. Here are some tips from us here at Excel Fencing!


Deer Damaging Flowerbeds & Gardens

One minor issue that can plague a home is caused by Deer’s voracious appetite for plants. They of course enjoy any fruits or vegetables you might be growing but also love to eat flowers of many kinds right out of a garden. There goes a lot of hard work planting! The good news is there are several remedies. What attracts the deer to the plants and flowers you worked so hard on is the scent. The most common treatment is deer repellant, which when sprayed on makes the flowers or fruit no longer appetizing to them. A fair warning: It has a particularly pungent and unpleasant odor due to it containing animal waste product. But it is an effective way to stop the destructive eating habits.


Another common method for preserving your plants is to build an enclosure for them to grow in without the threat hungry deer. Most are made from wood posts and chicken wire though it varies from need to need. Make sure that the chicken wire is the right size and spacing, so they can’t stick their head through and get to the preventing your gardens from being stripped of all its fruit and flowers is a very doable task.


Deer Destroy Fences

As deer migrate from place to place in season, they tend to grow more wild, reckless and fast. And while they grow wilder, they jump a lot more fences and wreak a lot more havoc. And they often don’t make it all the way over, which is where the real problem is! This can be very damaging to a fence if it is neglected and in poor condition. If you live in a rural or even somewhat rural area, it is likely that some of or all of your yard feature a wooden fence.


Wooden fences can hold up to fair deal of scrutiny when properly cared for. When they break, it can be simpler to replace a board or rail on one than to repair the damage a deer might do to a plastic or vinyl fence. Vinyl privacy walls/fencing doesn’t tend to be as tempting to deer however, as it is usually not possible for them to see through. Tougher materials like aluminum and chain-link fencing can take more abuse but can be more difficult to repair due to extensive bending, weakening the material. The added durability is a good trade off, but the choice is yours. All products are effective in their own ways and are offered by our company for installation!


If you need assessment or a quote, one of our staff will be happy to help! We hope you enjoyed this article and can make your yard a safer place from this information. Happy homesteading!

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