Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

Renovations, kitchen remodel, and redesigns, oh my! Home improvement projects are a huge undertaking, especially when it comes to spaces as central and dynamic as kitchens. Which type of fridge should you buy? Do you really need that second microwave? And what on Earth is a Lazy Susan? To help put your mind at ease, here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to remodeling your kitchen.


How Much Do You Actually Cook?

First and foremost, be honest with yourself: how much does your household actually cook? Are you the type to enjoy a three course meal every night or are you more of a grab-and-go kind of family? That stainless steel three-door oven may look nice, but it’s probably not worth the investment if you only use it once or twice every two weeks. If you are a habitual cook or baker, think about what you use the most. Do you like recipes with lots of prep? A bigger island or counter will be your best friend. Are ready-to-go meals your go-to? Make sure to choose a fridge with plenty of freezer space. Don’t worry about what “other people” might have in their kitchens– just think about what you and your family will enjoy most.


Got Kids?

White cabinets and china displays look lovely, but they may not be the best choice in this case. And depending on what age your kids are, higher or lower storage will serve you better. Do you want your kids to be able to reach dishes and snacks on their own, or is it better to keep them hands-off for a couple more years? Plastic child-proof locks are a great solution, but just make sure your cabinets have handles conducive to whatever lock you choose (they also shouldn’t be permanent– kids don’t stay toddlers forever!).

The size of your household will also come into play when considering spacing in your kitchen. How many people do you anticipate rushing around at 7 a.m. before school or work? Do you want a big table for family dinners or would a bar stool setup give the kids a great place to do homework? Don’t be afraid to ask your (older) kids for their suggestions– they’ll be using this kitchen, too! Regardless, make sure to leave walkways clear and allow enough space for your family to move around the fridge, oven, microwave, etc. without constant traffic jams.


What Are You Planning to Use it For?

Cooking or baking? Just eating takeout? Family game night? Home-office-in-a-pinch? Dinner party central? The kitchen is your oyster– it’s the centerpiece of the home for a reason. Prioritize space and purchases depending on your needs and vision. Your “kitchen table” doesn’t even have to be in a kitchen– give your dining room a little remodeling love for the best of both worlds. But whatever you choose, don’t get too caught up in the details. Ten years from now, you’re not going to kick yourself for choosing the Midnight Blue paint over the Starless Sky. As long as you keep your priorities in mind, you’re sure to love your kitchen’s new look.


Thinking About a Kitchen Remodel?

We’re the company for you! Our kitchen remodeling teams can transform even the smallest of rooms into practical and beautiful spaces fit for amateur cooks and master chefs alike. Whether you need appliance installation or a whole new kitchen, we’ll get the job done and on a budget that works for you. For Excel, no kitchen remodeling project is too big or small. If you live in or around the Baltimore area, contact us today through our quick online form or give us a call at 410-803-9499 and let your journey with Excel Fencing and Decking begin!








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