How to Landscape a Small Yard

How to Landscape a Small Yard

How to Landscape a Small Yard

If you are in the market to spruce up a small backyard, help is here.  There are many tricks you can use to enhance a small space and make it look larger.  These include layering plants, vertical gardens, and open space, too.  Ready to learn how to landscape a small yard? Let’s dive in.


Your Backyard Space

Figure out how much available space you have.  Don’t use every inch of it. Leave some of it open to help your small yard feel less cramped.  Define the spaces in your yard and have a purpose for each one. Just make sure to separate them with plantings, grass, stones, or a path.


Types of Landscaping

Use a layered landscaping approach to maximize space.  Start with groundcovers, then add bulbs and crevice plants; then shrubs and taller trees.  Think of a pyramid. Arrange a wide variety of plants, from small to larger, to create a staggered look.

Vertical gardens are growing in popularity.  In this type of landscaping, plants grow up a vertical, tiered surface, like a trellis.   Stacked apple crates or a series of shelves can also work to place pots or planters on.  Just remember to plant upwards, not across the ground.

Walls and fences are perfect for vines. Just make sure the vines you choose are well-behaved, not invasive.  Check with your local extension service before you begin planting.


Create Landscaping Destinations

Turn a tiny space into one that is worth the visit.  Create a cozy reading nook, or a small patio area with a grill.  You can also highlight a special feature, like a fountain or fire pit.  Architectural features, like arbors and pergolas, are also popular in small yards.  Try framing a nice view with one.


Feature Landscaping Textures

Strong textural contrasts can be striking in a garden. Texture creates sensual and visual excitement.  Wispy ornamental grasses, plants with bold leaves or prominent flowers, and soft lavender are a few examples.  Rocks and art pieces also add contrast.


Landscaping that Adds Value

The right type of landscaping can increase a home’s curb appeal.  Research shows a well-landscaped yard can add between 5 and 13% to the final home sale price.  One that is professionally landscaped may bump up the sale price by as much as 20%.

Landscape features that increase home value include a well-maintained lawn, shrubs and trees, tidy gardens, a landscaped pathway and lighting.  Lawns remain a favorite of homebuyers. They improve a property’s look, offer play space for children and space for adults to relax.   Colorful flowers and eye-catching plants will also increase your ROI.


Landscaping Features to Avoid

Landscaping that can hurt home value range from artificial grass, to large outdoor water features to a messy garden. Some buyers see outdoor water features, such as swimming pools and Koi ponds, as expensive to maintain.   Stay away from fruit trees that not everyone wants to harvest.  Don’t leave old, outdated garden furniture or decor in the backyard either.

Overgrowth of weeds, shrubs and trees can also turn off potential homebuyers.  A rotting or broken deck or patio will make a home unattractive as well.


Let Us Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

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