How to Incorporate Gates & Fencing

Installing a new fence involves a lot of decisions. You want to choose the perfect height, the right style, and the best materials for the job. But don’t forget about the gates! These features can make a big difference when it comes to accessibility and security. Not to mention, they can incorporate interesting design elements you might otherwise miss. To help you with these decisions for your next fencing project, we’ve created a quick guide! Starting with:
Ways & Width
Before we begin installing your new fence, we want to know about your needs. In order to position it properly and choose the right width, you should think about how you intend to use your fence. Will it go around your entire property or only a portion? Will you need to get lawn equipment within the boundaries (to weed, mow, and otherwise garden) or something larger? The width we’d recommend for a footpath is obviously quite different from what you’d need for a lawn mower or even a truck/trailer combination. Since we want this fence (and gate) to meet your needs for many years to come, consider how your accessibility requirements might change in the future. But we can start with today.
Peace & Privacy
If your primary goal behind this fence installation involves privacy, then we want to maintain that with your new gate! To minimize prying eyes, as well as noise pollution, we want the height of the gate to match the height of the overall fence—if not exceed it. You may also want to minimize gaps that can come with a shabby installation, or designs that involve a lot of open space. It’s okay to use contrasting materials, whether the rest of your fence is made from wood, vinyl, metal, or some sort of composite. Just keep in mind that if you opt for wider, as opposed to closer, slats on your gate, you could lose some of that peace and quiet you were hoping to achieve.
Easy Security
The last thing we want to do with any gate installation is to compromise the security of the structure. Whether you’re considering the safety of your pets, your family, and/or your guests, we want to make protection easy! Especially when it comes to securing the area(s) around pools or keeping pets contained, we recommended self-closing and self-latching gates. This is one extra step that eliminates a lot of concern. You don’t have to wonder, “Did I remember to close the gate?” Or “Will the dog be able to escape?” Even the direction in which the gate swings can make a difference! When we’re talking about pools, we want the door to swing outward, so children and other unwanted guests can’t simply push their way into the pool. For pets, we want the opposite direction, so they can’t accidentally open it by jumping or otherwise pushing on the gate. But, these are all decisions our experienced installers can help you navigate on an individual basis.
Much like your fence should suit your personal needs & property, so should the accompanying gate! While you may not have devoted much time or thought to this particular piece of the puzzle yet, we’re happy to work with you and suggest the perfect solutions for your next project. Just call us with all of your questions and we’ll help you get the fencing—and fence gate(s)—of your dreams.
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