Your November Home Maintenance Tips

November is always an interesting month—especially in Maryland. We never really know what’s in store! The best way to prepare is always to cover your home basics and do as much early maintenance as you can. If you’re not exactly sure what that entails, we’ve put together a few tips to help you through this transitional time. Both inside your house and out!
Inside the Home
Take advantage of this time before the holidays to perform some basic preparations. It’s time to locate all those table settings and decorations in storage. Then clean them up, so they’re ready to go on the big day. Apart from that, now’s also your chance to doublecheck some essential safety precautions.
Inspect your fire alarms to ensure they’re working properly. Experts recommend changing the batteries twice a year to avoid any oversights. But, you can always test them first to determine whether or not that’s necessary. For some of the larger maintenance tasks, you may want to call in the professionals. This includes servicing your HVAC system and/or sweeping the chimney before it really gets cold.
As an added precaution against the coming temperature changes, you might also consider weatherproofing your home. Try to identify sources of air leaks, like door jambs, windows, or even electrical outlets! Any place that’s allowing cold air in and warm air out. By finding and sealing these spaces, you could save a lot on your upcoming utility bills. If you’re struggling to discover and fix the source(s) yourself, bring in the experts for a professional energy audit.
Outside Maintenance
When it comes to outdoor maintenance, there’s plenty to do this month! From clearing the remaining leaves from your lawn and gutters, to cleaning off the patio furniture. If you’re still using your outdoor furniture, by all means, keep it out. You may just want to give it a thorough cleaning while it’s still warm enough to do so. That way, all the dirt and grime from this year won’t have the chance to really set in over winter. If you are finished with it though, go ahead and store it someplace safe for the season.
You should also check your exterior stairs, handrails, and surfaces. Look for signs of wobbling, cracking, or other deterioration. We can help you repair them now before the snow and ice come. These extra steps toward safety will make a big difference this winter! The same goes for outdoor light fixtures. You’re probably using them more already, but exposure to extreme cold can take its toll on the electrical fixtures. Ensure everything is up-to-date so you can shed light on your walkways all season long.
Don’t forget about a little pest prevention. This is the time of year where mice, birds, and bugs are all seeking someplace warm. They’d love an opportunity to enter your house. So, survey your property looking for gaps or other entry points these unwelcome guests could use. Put some effort into properly sealing them to avoid any infestations this winter.
We hope this gives you a good place to start your November maintenance! Don’t be afraid to outsource some of these tasks along the way. If you need any help inspecting or repairing your outdoor spaces, including handrails, deck, or fences, just give us a call! Not only can you trust us to take care of any problem, but also this leaves you free for the more enjoyable activities—like preparing for the holidays.
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