Getting Creative With Fencing

If you try to picture a fence in your head, a few different things probably come to mind. Rustic farm fences along rolling green pastures, clean-cut privacy fences in suburban developments, and antique wrought iron in historic neighborhoods… there are some definite standards that come to mind when you think about fences.

But depending on the situation, different types of fencing can be adapted to fit any combination of functional needs and aesthetic desires. That’s why in today’s blog, we’re talking about creative ways you can utilize a fence to add shape, style, and personality to any space you can think of!

When Function Matters Most

Sometimes a fence isn’t just a luxury, but a necessity. If you have a garden that is constantly under siege by wildlife, for example, you may need to construct a fence around it in order to keep critters from getting to your veggies.

Image Credit: Remodelista (www.remodelista.com)

That said, needing to install a fence that serves a purpose doesn’t mean it has to be boring or ugly. It’s possible to take materials that might not seem that aesthetically pleasing – such as pressure treated lumber and chicken wire – and transform them into a pattern or design that lends an artistic element to your space. In some cases, combining several fencing materials can even be a very effective way to bolster the functionality of your fence without sacrificing the looks.

Recycle & Repurpose

If you own an older home – or know someone who does – chances are good that you’ve got plenty of old, faded materials around your home. From doors with chipped, peeling paint and old glass features to rustic pickets from a fence long since replaced, these goodies might still have some life in them yet.

Image Credit: Monica Roberts Photography (http://www.monicarphotography.com/)

If you’re trying to create a retro feel to your outdoor sanctuary (or complement the vintage décor inside your home), taking older materials and repurposing them can give your new fence that authentic feeling of being a window into the past.

Old On Top Of New

They say that everything old is new again, and that goes for your fencing options too. Sometimes you have an old brick pathway that cuts through a garden, or a stone retaining wall that was designed to preserve a terrace within the yard. Rather than ripping those original features out, why not intertwine them with the fabric of your own additions to the house?

Image Credit: The Todd Group, Inc. (www.thetoddgroupinc.com)

Just think – that brick pathway could make a perfect drainage outlet for a raised garden bed, since it (hopefully) already has sand underneath to level it, and it adds a natural break in the landscaping. Or even building a brand new, modern-looking fence atop that old retaining wall – anything is possible with a little imagination.

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