Four Tips To Avoid Autumn Pests

As the temperature begins to cool and fall weather really settles in, you may find yourself drawn to stay inside more and more. A cozy morning tucked in bed seems vastly more appealing than dealing with biting winds, icy rain, and the general chilly days that lie ahead. Who wouldn’t want to be in a nice, warm home?

Well, it just so happens that you’re not the only one looking at your home as a shelter from the shifting seasons. Pests of all sorts will turn to your home in the next few months to escape the stark conditions of the great outdoors – and that means that you could have some unexpected houseguests. So how do you avoid the nuisance? Today we’re offering up a few ideas on what you can do to lock the doors on these seasonal invaders and throw away the key.

Seal All The Gaps

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First and foremost, sealing the gaps, cracks, and crevices throughout your home isn’t just a good idea for blocking pests – it’s also great for your energy bill. Patching, filling, and caulking holes (large and small) is critical to keeping out those creepy-crawlies. Lots of pests can get through gaps that you probably won’t even detect, because they’re so small. So any holes that you do find need to be filled ASAP.

Put A Lid On It

Nothing says cozy like a warm fire in the woodstove or fireplace in the dead of winter, right? Well, that beautiful moment in front of the flames can be ruined by a critter falling into your home from its cozy nest in the chimney. Installing a cap on your chimney (or having a pro do it for you) allows the smoke to escape without inviting anything else to come inside.

Screen Your Guests

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Throwing open the windows in the spring and fall can be tempting. The moderate weather and flowing breeze can make a big difference in the way your home feels, and it can be rejuvenating to have all that fresh air coming in. But having screens on your windows – and not just any screens, but screens without holes or tears – is critical to ensuring that the air is the only thing getting inside, and it’s not being followed by flies, ants, and other pests.

Keep It Dry

Lots of different kinds of pests thrive in dark, damp environments. Basements, crawlspaces, and even the area under your deck or patio can all be tempting spaces for invasive bugs and vermin to create a home for themselves. From there, it’s only a short jump, crawl, or flight into your living space – so doing your best to keep these areas dry and devoid of pests can make a big difference in keeping your home free of invaders all year long.

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