Fence Winter Ready

Fence Winter Ready

Getting Your Fence Winter Ready

Keep Damage Away: Make Your Fence Winter Ready Today

As you clean and prepare your deck or patio for the winter months, don’t forget about winterizing your fence, too.   The changing weather conditions can be especially hard on wooden structures. Here’s how you can get your fence winter ready this fall before the cold temperatures move in.


Fence Winter Ready Inspection

A wet summer can cause fence damage. Check your fence for signs of rotting and make repairs before the cold sets in.  Doing this early will save you time and money.

Look around for loose or decaying fence posts, damaged pickets and protruding nails.  Replace any boards that are wobbly or warped.  Make repairs early to ensure your fence will survive the winter.

If your fence needs replacing, fall is a good time to install a new one. It’s a slower time of year for fencing contractors and you may be able to get a lower price along with quicker service. Also, the consistent fall temperature can make the ground ideal for installation.


Protect Your Fence

Give your fence a waterproofing treatment to protect it from damage caused by rain, snow and moisture. Apply waterproof paint, stain or sealer to keep mildew and rot away.


Get Rid of Debris

Extend the life of your fence by removing any debris that piles up on it.  Clear away leaves, twigs, snow or ice that accumulates.  The extra weight can cause the fence to sag or warp. Also, get rid of leaves around fence posts. They can trap-in moisture, leading to rot and a leaning fence.


Give Your Fence a Facelift

Poor maintenance can result in a fence that is weathered and gray.  To remove the discoloration, which is most likely at the surface, clean your fence with a power washer.  Then, use a cleaner/brightener to finish the job.  After the wood dries, apply a protective finish.  Your fence will look fresh and good as new.


Fence Winter Ready Care for Other Types of Fences

Vinyl and aluminum fences are easier to care for than a wooden one, but that doesn’t mean you are off the hook.  To winterize a vinyl fence, first inspect it for missing, damaged, loose or broken parts. Call a professional to help secure loose parts.  Clean the fence regularly with a garden hose to remove dirt and debris. For stubborn stains, use a gentle cleanser with a soft cloth.  Remove mold with a power washer.

If you have an aluminum fence, inspect it annually for any issues.  Check for damage and make repairs if needed. Also, look for wobbly posts and inspect latches and locks that may need lubricating. Clean your fence with warm, soapy water and touch up any worn areas with aluminum-surface paint.


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