Fence Painting Ideas: Make Yours Stand Out

Fence Painting Ideas


Has your fence seen better days? Is the paint faded or peeling? Does it lack pop and design? If so, it’s time for a facelift. Here are some fun fence painting ideas to inspire you.


Spark Your Creativity

A backyard fence gives you the opportunity to create any kind of image that you want.  It’s a large, free space inside your yard that only family and friends really see.   Get your creative juices flowing and design away!


Scenes from nature. If you love flowers, decorate your fence with them.  If you’re creative, paint them yourself.  Consider adding a butterfly or two for a special look.  Paint your fence a pretty blue and add a few sea creatures.

Kid painted fences.  Let the kids do the work. Have them pick a post and paint and decorate it in their own style.  Faces, geometric designs, favorite colors, flowers, plants, and animals are just a few of the endless ideas.

Hang stuff.  If you lack creative skills, paint a simple design on your fence. Try a blue sky and grass, or pick a solid color. Put up some hooks and hang your favorite decorations.  Change them with the seasons.

Use stencils.  If the written word is more your style, paint a quote on the fence using stencils.  Pick a saying related to nature and plant a garden below.  If you like designs, try a repeated stencil pattern for visual appeal.

Bright colors.  Paint your fence and shed in a matching color that pops.  Express your personality.  This is perfect for people who love statement pieces and bold, loud colors.

Playful patterns.  Once you have given your fence a fresh base coat, freehand paint fun designs on it.  Use your imagination and paint away.

Paint stripes.  Pick your favorite pastel colors and paint stripes on your fence. A rainbow pattern in bright or pastel colors on fence panels will also add interest.


Colorful Fence Painting Ideas

If you prefer to paint your fence in a solid color, here are some popular hues to consider.


Navy blue. Change a traditional white picket fence to a darker one. Navy blue can look stunning, especially when plants surround it.

Pink.  This hue is becoming a popular neutral color in home décor. Pair it with black furniture and green plants for an eye-catching look. Pink is soft and tranquil and can reduce anxiety.

Black.  A fence painted black can really stand out when surrounded by wood and green plants.

Green.  A natural green color can showcase the plants and flowers in front of it.  It mimics a hedge and can make your yard look bigger.

Two-tone fence.  A fence painted in aqua and gray, for instance, can create a unique, sophisticated look.  Try colors you have been shy about using indoors.  See what happens.

Yellow.  This color creates feelings of joy and optimism.  Try pairing yellow with white or gray for a fresh and classic look.


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