Fence Materials

Fence Materials

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Fence Materials

There are several popular fencing options available to homeowners considering building a fence around their space. At times, the hardest part of the project may seem like choosing the perfect fence materials. Luckily, we have extensive experience with each of the most popular fencing materials. As such, we are happy to share the pros and cons of each in an effort to help you select an option that fits your needs and your budget!


Choosing the Right Fence Materials for Your Home




In the United States, wooden fences are by far the most common fencing material you’ll see as you drive down the road through most neighborhoods. The primary reason here is cost. When it comes to fencing materials, wood is an alternative that is affordable while still offering a hand full of other benefits. With just a carefully selected stain or paint, wooden fences can be designed to match the aesthetic of virtually every home.  If you’re looking for an affordable way to boost curb appeal, a wooden fence just might be the answer.


If privacy is a factor, wood will also be a great fencing material choice. Whether you prefer short height, large height, zero gaps or plenty of breathing room between boards, we can make it happen with wood.


Chain Link


If budget is a restraining factor in your fence project, chain link fences are the perfect choice. These fences are generally cheaper than wooden fences while still remaining ultra-durable. They are generally low maintenance, and even if yours happens to incur damage, these fences are among the easiest to repair.  Naturally, this shouldn’t be your go-to choice if privacy is among your top priorities when building your new fence.




Like composite decks, most homeowners enjoy the fact that vinyl fencing requires very little upkeep to look picture-perfect throughout the year. For general wear and tear, a simple hosing-off should do wonders for a vinyl fence (assuming no major storms pass by). Vinyl fence installations are also very unintrusive, which keeps costs down as a result.




Some people love the rustic aesthetic of metal fencing, and we certainly understand the appeal. Wrought iron fences are beautiful, but you are likely to run into rusting down the road. That’s why our top metal recommendation is aluminum. Aluminum is a highly durable and secure fencing option that has no risk whatsoever of rusting.


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