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Fence Fun: How to Have a Fun Fashionable Fence


Fences are great for marking boundaries, enhancing privacy, and protecting property. What some homeowners don’t consider, however, is that they can also be fashionable and fun. Painting, decorating, and accessorizing are just a few of the ways you can get creative with a fully functional fence. Here are four fence fun tips.


Use Recycled Materials

Recycling and sustainable living are in right now, so make use of the trend to give a new life to some old materials you may have lying around the home. Many homeowners decorate fences with upcycled items like old window frames, mirrors, plates, cutlery, and trivets. For a charming country feel, try wicker baskets, rusty tools, and even antique bicycle and car parts. Old tires can take hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill, so instead give yours a new life as a hanging planter.


Paint It

A brightly colored fence is a great way to make a statement, but there’s no rule against using more than one color. Alternating shades, painting patterns, or incorporating geometric shapes are all ways homeowners can make a visual impact with a painted fence. Many individuals highlight their patriotic pride by painting the stars and stripes or other American scenes onto a fence. If there’s an artist in the family, the fence could be a great place for a  mural featuring your family’s favorite characters from Star Wars, Marvel, or Disney, while sports fans might prefer logos or letters displaying their favorite teams.


Give It Life

You don’t need to be Dr. Frankenstein to bring a fence to life. Fences are perfect places for climbing vines to grow, and some homeowners even train vines to fill out specific patterns or shapes. Additionally, fences can be fitted with planters and window boxes to add a splash of color and life that only Mother Nature can provide. If flowers, vines, and herbs aren’t enough, installing a series of bird houses will have your fence a flutter with feathered friends.


Give It Light

If you’re looking to brighten your back yard, consider adding fence lighting. Some homeowners attach stringed twinkle lights to the tops of posts, while others prefer to drape curtain lights over the entire fence boards, but either way you’ll be sure to illuminate your outdoor evening events. If you have an old wooden fence that’s developed some holes, filling them with colored glass will provide some interesting light refractions on the lawn. For an even bigger light show, cut out a section of the fence and install rows of colored glass. It will give you a truly one-of-a-kind fence design while also putting your collection of old bottles to good use.


From vinyl to wood, chain link to wrought iron, fences can be customized to cater to any individual’s preferences. At Excel Fencing & Decking, we have more than two decades of experience creating and installing all types of fences. We work with our clients on every stage, from design and placement to assembly and installation. We even handle all the necessary licenses and paperwork. That’s why when it comes to fence installation in Maryland, Excel has an excellent reputation.


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