Fall Container Gardens

Fall Container Gardens

Fall Container Gardens: Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Fall Container Gardens: Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Autumn is a popular season to spend time outdoors in the fresh, cool air.  Transform your deck or patio into a welcoming spot with colorful fall container gardens that will thrive.  Here are some ways to create your own backyard oasis.

Fall Container Gardens

These are ideal for displaying eye-catching perennials or cold-loving annuals.  Container gardens can be grouped together or moved around the deck for a new look.  Experiment with different colors and textures to create a unique design.  When it starts to get cold, bring the plants inside to temporarily spruce up a space.

Fall Container Plants

Ornamental Grasses.  Put this stunning feature in a container along with a bright pop of color. The decorative grass texture will add interest to the garden.  Popular choices include Blue Oat grass, Red Fountain grass, Japanese Forest grass and Blue Lyme grass.  Varieties recommended for Maryland gardens include Prairie Dropseed, Blue Fescue, and Little Bluestem.

Flowering Cabbage.  Ornamental cabbages and flowering kales can really pop on a frosty night.  Leaves turn bright pink, frosty white, or tones of purple.  There are many varieties to choose from.  Color-Up Pink features minty-green leaves with a blush center. Osaka Red has an outer ring of purple leaves that surrounds a vibrant magenta center.  Pigeon Red features outer green leaves with white veining that shows off the bright pink center.

Fun Container Plants.  Hens and Chicks will last throughout the fall. Transplant these succulents to the garden before the ground freezes.  Lamb’s Ear is a large-leaf plant that has a silver fuzz on the leaves.  It is a perfect plant to add texture.

Fall Blooms.  Flowers that go well in container gardens include mums, marigolds, asters, violas, snapdragons, pansies, candytuft, cyclamen, and Iceland poppy.  They will add a nice splash of color until winter arrives.  Mix them up with greenery for an extra special touch.

Why Plant in Fall

Fall is the perfect time to plant perennials, shrubs, and trees. Here are some reasons why it’s a top pick.

The Temperature.  The air is cooling off from the heat of the summer.  The sun is not as intense, and plants are less stressed. As a result, they have an easier time establishing their roots.

Warm Soil.  Although temps are falling, the soil retains heat for weeks. The warmth promotes root growth.

It’s Rainer.  Regular rainfall soaks into the soil and keeps plant roots moist.  As a result, robust roots can grow. Water them yourself if the soil gets too dry.

Fall Planting Tips

The Freeze. Plants should be in the ground at least six weeks before the first freeze.  You usually have until early November.

Put Down Mulch.  Apply a 2-3 inch layer of organic mulch around plants.  Keep it away from the stems or trunk.

Practice Patience.  You won’t see much growth in the fall. New plants may also be slow to emerge in the spring.

Container Garden Benefits

There are several benefits that container gardens offer.  They are convenient, attractive, and a fun way to perk up an outdoor space.

Versatility. You can put them on a balcony, patio or deck, a windowsill or a well-lit room.

Variety. Different plants can be grown in one place.  You can mix and match for variety.

Mobility. Containers can be moved to different spots for a change of scenery.

Convenience. If your portable garden has veggies or herbs, they are a short distance from the kitchen.

Give Your Outdoor Space a Facelift

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