Driveway Resealing

Driveway Resealing

Driveway Resealing

Resealing your driveway probably isn’t at the top of your home maintenance list, but there are a few key reasons why it should be! Here’s why.

Among the many services Excel is proud to provide is driveway paving. It’s not the most glamorous-sounding home exterior project, but it’s an important one– and it makes more of a difference than you might think! Here’s why keeping up with resealing your driveway is important.


What is Driveway Resealing?

As with any home exterior feature, paved driveways face the elements 24/7, and it eventually takes its toll. Over time, cracks and fissures inevitably appear, and it’s recommended that homeowners should have their driveway resealed every three to five years. This just means we’ll add a thin layer of asphalt over your driveway to take care of wear and fissures. Exiting the house doesn’t have to be a hassle!


Why Is Driveway Resealing So Important?

As we mentioned above, pavement is susceptible to damage due to the elements– and your driveway faces even more risk of damage from the heavy vehicles constantly passing over it. When it comes to the weather, small cracks can grow quickly as water flows into the fissures and freezes during the winter months. Water expands as it freezes, forcing the cracks to widen, and soon you’re looking at the dirt underneath your asphalt driveway as it fills with weeds, leaves, pine needles, and other detritus. Don’t wait until the fissures in your driveway start to look like the Grand Canyon– schedule a resealing to catch the damage while it’s easily manageable.


Resealing’s Aesthetic Benefits

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as gazing out over a freshly paved stretch of asphalt. Touching up your driveway can add a lot of value to your home, not to mention curb appeal– and for a shockingly low price! Resealing your driveway gets two birds with one stone by addressing home maintenance and aesthetic appeal. Asphalt is tough, durable, and homeowners’ number one choice for paving driveways around the state. It’s classic, timeless, and an attractive addition to any property. Plus, Excel uses only the latest and greatest driveway paving equipment and technology to guarantee that your driveway is installed correctly, quickly, and at minimal cost to you. Our experience and methodical approach ensures that your driveway will be a seamless, beautiful piece of paving that will last for years and years to come!

Resealing also ensures that the beginning and end of your commute each day is as smooth and comfortable as possible! Your home should be a place you’re proud of– and that includes your driveway. It’s just one of many ways to make your home’s exterior as beautiful as its interior.


Ready for a Remodel?

We can help! Our team’s expertise extends well beyond the realm of fencing and decking. If you need any interior or exterior home remodeling in or around Baltimore, MD, then Excel is your go-to company. We offer the best in customer service alongside unbeatable prices and top-quality construction materials. Contact us today through our quick online form or give us a call at 410-803-9499 and let the journey with Excel Fencing and Decking begin!


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