Don’t Kill Your Houseplants

Don’t Kill Your Houseplants

Don’t Kill Your Houseplants: How to Keep them Healthy

Indoor house plants can bring us many health benefits.  They help reduce stress, sharpen our attention, boost our mood, and increase our productivity.  Houseplants can also improve the quality of indoor air.  To get the most bang for our buck, we need to keep our houseplants alive.  Don’t kill your houseplants, here are some tips to keep your indoor plants healthy and happy.


Let the Sunshine In

Plants need sunlight, but some like it more than others.  Check the tag on your houseplants to learn what kind of light it prefers.  Sunshine lovers do best in direct sunlight.  Plants that prefer indirect sunlight will do better in shade.  Plants that do well in shady environments include Astilbe, Hosta, Bromeliads, and Primroses.  Plants that like to soak up the sun include Lavender, Hibiscus, Petunias and Marigolds.


Don’t Kill Your Houseplants in Winter

There is less daylight during winter and plants don’t get as much sunlight. As a result, they grow more slowly.  Move houseplants that require less light to a brighter window.    If you have plants that love the sun, consider buying grow lights, or artificial lighting to keep them alive.  Plants are dormant in winter, so skip the fertilizer.


Watering Houseplants

Some plants like it wet, while others prefer dryness.  Find out how much water your houseplant needs and schedule your watering.   Consider setting reminders on your phone.  Keep an eye on the soil as well. You don’t want to add more water to already wet soil. Indoor plants tend to use less water than those that are outside in the heat.  If watering poses a challenge for you, try automated watering systems or electronic water dispensers.


Houseplant Placement

Be careful where you put your houseplants.  Keep them out of reach of pets and children who can easily knock them over.  Plants in the kitchen or bathroom could be exposed to toxins which can kill them. Move air fresheners and cleaning supplies away from the plants.


Keep Houseplants Healthy

There are a couple of key ways to ensure your indoor plants stay healthy during the winter.

Keep your leafy plants clean so they continue to absorb sunlight.  To remove the dust, use a rag and warm water, or put the whole plant in the shower.  This will clean off the bugs, too.  Keep your windows clear as well so the sun can shine in.  Move your plants around so they can take advantage of the light and warmth. Keep plants away from the heater, registers, drafts, and cold windows.


Bring on the Humidity

Put moisture back into dry, indoor air. Place rocks or pebbles in saucers and fill with water.  Make sure the pot is raised and isn’t touching the water.  Group plants together to increase humidity. If you have a humidifier in your home, move your plants near it.  They can also benefit from the moisture in bathrooms and kitchens.


Get Houseplants Ready for Spring

Before spring arrives, prune your houseplants.  Cut away old growth to make room for fresh, new growth.  Also, change the potting soil.  Take the plant out, trim the root ball back, and put it into a clean pot with fresh soil.  As new growth occurs, your plants will need more water and some organic fertilizer.


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