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DIY Gifts

DIY Gifts: Last-Minute Gift Ideas for DIYers

It’s no secret that being Santa can be difficult. Finding that perfect gift seems like an impossible task, and it’s made even more difficult when we put off our holiday shopping until the last minute. Sometimes we find clues if we look close enough, and other times the answer is obvious. That is especially true when it comes to do-it-yourselfers. There are always new gadgets and gizmos that are essential for a home improvement enthusiast. So, if half-finished projects deck the halls of your loved one’s home, here are four gift ideas to help him or her finish the task.


Tools for DIY Gifts

If your special someone would rather watch HGTV than holiday specials, new tools likely top his or her list. The latest instruments are stronger, sharper, and smarter than ever and bring renewed excitement to any project. But if you’re worried, they might already have the latest model of cordless circular saw or rotary tool, they still need somewhere to store everything. New tool bucket organizers come with dozens of pockets and pouches so everything they need to finish a job can be carried in one convenient container.



If you were thinking of gifting a tech device this year you’re not alone; technology tops the holiday shopping lists of around 186 million Americans in 2019. Any tinkerer would love a 3D printer, and prices have dropped enough that it’s now affordable for many budgets. If he or she works around power tools all day, electronic earmuffs will filter out the loud sounds while also offering MP3 technology so they can enjoy listening to music or podcasts while working. For great gifts on a modest budget, a digital measurer lets a DIYer determine any distance at the press of a button, while the latest digital scanners identify wires, studs, and even water pipes.


A New Project

If your friend or family member is especially committed to home construction, a new project could make for the perfect holiday surprise. They’ll be thrilled at the prospect of soon having a new sunroom, decorative walking path, outdoor kitchen, or deck enclosure, and it will be even better knowing they won’t have to foot the bill. Of course, not all home improvement projects are suitable for even seasoned DIYers, so tackle what you can, but call the construction experts at Excel Fencing & Decking when you need a hand.


A Break

Sometimes even the most dedicated DIY warriors need some time off. So, if there’s a significant project that has been consuming a loved one’s time or causing them stress, hire a professional contractor to finish the task. The construction professionals at Excel are particularly gifted at kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations, and basement finishing projects. But don’t stop at just enlisting a helping hand. Take the time off to treat that special someone to a getaway day. Maybe it’s a fishing trip, a romantic dinner, a sporting event, or just a random road trip. A day is always better when it’s spent with ones you love.

When it comes to holiday gift buying, the best advice we can offer is this: don’t get stressed. Don’t worry about finding the perfect present and instead enjoy spending time with the loved ones on your list. We at Excel Fencing & Decking wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.


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