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DIY Fence: 4 Dangers of DIY-ing Your Fence

If you want all of the benefits of a fence without investing in professional installation, we have good news and bad news. The good news? You will have a DIY fence. The bad news? It will not be nearly as effective or long-lasting as one that was professionally designed and installed. There are surprising dangers of DIY-ing your fence, and it’s always better to do it right the first time instead of calling for fence repairs or a replacement later.

4 Dangers of DIY Fence Installation:

  1. Wasted Time: When you work with a professional instead of attempting to do it yourself, you are partially paying for the experience and expertise of the installers. We know how to work quickly without making mistakes, and this is not our first time installing a fence. Many homeowners try to save money and end up spending a tremendous amount of time learning what to do. A fence installation crew can get it done quickly and correctly the first time.
  2. Using the Wrong Tools: Installing a fence takes specialized tools, even if you are DIY-ing your fence. Most people do not have post hole diggers, batter boards, nail guns and other specialized equipment already. This means that they end up spending even more to purchase or rent the supplies that they need. Professionals already have high-quality tools and know how to use them.
  3. Not Getting the Permit: Do you know what permits you need before installation? Are you aware of any local requirements or regulations? When you are DIY-ing your fence, you might end up needing to tear the whole thing down if you did not get the proper permit or follow local regulations. A professional company understands how to navigate the permit process and follow all laws to the letter.
  4. Safety: If you are building a fence without proper knowledge and experience you could hurt yourself during the process. The fence could collapses or be a safety hazard to your pets and family. The fence construction process is dangerous and trying to do it yourself is asking for trouble.

Skip the DIY Fence and Work with Excel Fencing and Decking

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